Maiden Albums: Head to Head

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Some really strong matchups in this round. Top notch Maiden, both these albums. SIT 8-3.


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I also went 11 - 0 for POM, although it wasn’t intentional. I’m actually really surprised. While Piece of Mind is my favorite album and I’ve voiced many criticisms about Somewhere in Time, the latter is still close to top 5 in my rankings.

Some of it, as usual, came down to placement. Wasted Years would beat out most of these songs for me, it just happens to be up against one of my absolute favorites.

The other tricky ones were Sea of Madness v Icarus and Stranger v Still Life. I’m still not totally sure if I made the right choice with these. I could change my mind tomorrow.

The closing pair was also difficult but more because I don’t particularly love either song. To Tame a Land is slightly better and more coherent as a whole, plus Bruce gives a respectable performance. He’s able to sell Steve’s jumbled lyrics better on that track. It also has an excellent climax.

The best b-side here is Cross Eyed Mary. Great rearrangement and performance of the Tull classic. There is so much creativity on display here. Reach Out is good but not much more than your average AOR. The novelty of Adrian singing gives it more credit than it deserves. Juanita vs I’ve Got the Fire also shouldn’t be close. One is a throwaway rocker and the other is a fiery cover that shows off the power of a young Bruce.


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Wow. This is like watching your favourite team play, going down by a couple of goals, you leaving because you don't want to see them lose, then getting back to see they have tied the score and are heading into extra time. Great stuff.