Mafia / Werewolf Game 1 Signups

Who is in Mafia / Werewolf game #1?

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Unknown One

I see the ghost of navigators.
Everything isn't exactly finalised yet, but here is the signup for the first Mafia / Werewolf game on the forum!

Myself and LC will be hosting the first couple of games. When the rules are finalised we will put them in this thread so you guys can look over them and see if you need any help understanding them.

Mandatory in (depending on if I'm hosting or not).
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Well that can be worked around, we can start on the 20th if you'd like (assuming everything else is in order). :D
Seeing as Perun didn't vote, I think it's up to 12. Cried went for the helpful answer. ::)
Final Day for signups
I will be setting up the game when I get home from work tomorrow.