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Looking Forward to the new Bruce solo album?

Discussion in 'Solo/Side Project Discussion' started by Hottysmiff, Dec 10, 2015.

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  1. Hottysmiff

    Hottysmiff Shooting plasma from my grave

    Personally I am, yes!

    Iron Maiden haven’t even hit the road yet in support of their recently released The Book of Souls album, but singer Bruce Dickinson has already started on his next solo project.
    Dickinson revealed his plans to Classic Rock magazine, saying he’s already got “half an album” of material written for his next solo release — and actually ended up giving one song, “If Eternity Should Fail,” to Maiden for The Book of Souls. The band’s plans for an extensive world tour in 2016 and beyond will make it difficult for Dickinson to release a solo LP in the short term, but he suggested that he might speed up the process by laying down tracks between shows.
    “I’m looking forward to getting stuck into some sensible rehearsals. I may even sneak off and do some solo songwriting,” said Dickinson. “It could be a cool, relatively unchallenging way of pre-warming up the voice before I go into Maiden rehearsals. So making some noise that way first could be a possibility.”
    With his recent cancer scare behind him, Dickinson is clearly enjoying a renewed creative vigor. He’s released seven solo albums since marking his debut with Tattooed Millionaire in 1990, but with his focus on Iron Maiden since rejoining the lineup in 1999, that side of his career has been on the back burner; if and when this next record sees release, it’ll be his first solo outing since 2005’s Tyranny of Souls.
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