Live regrets


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I'd like to have seen Iced Earth with Barlow. Seeing as I haven't seen post-Barlow Iced Earth either, though, there's still one goal there.
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Kiss was playing in town some years ago, I kind off regret I didn’t go to that show since they will never come back here, but the ticket price was outrageous. Wish I’ve could have seen Dio and Motörhead to, but it’s too late..

Also my favorite band from my childhood (Stratovarius) were playing here a few years ago, had a ticket for the show bit decided to skip it since my youngest child was just born and was very ill then

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It must have been 1992, so Use Your Illusion era. I was really peed off because there'd never been any question of me going to see bands, but it was suddenly a priority when a friend was told she couldn't go. I think there was an age restriction too, and I always had problems getting in places right into my 30s. :D
Thatsa big miss!
Still,bet youglad of thos young look now!


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Not seeing Pantera on the Reinventing the Steel tour in 2000/2001-ish....I remember we talked about it, me and some friends around that time, but unfortunately it never materialized and we all know what happened to Pantera after that....
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So far I missed every Dream Theater show that was around. That's probably my biggest regret, concert-wise. Also, I missed probably the only concert Symph X have had here in Czechia. I didn't even know it until recently.

Also, with the breakup and death of Gregg and Butch I'll never have the chance to see the Allmen now.

I don't count the Dead, because the last relevant version broke up with Garcia's death when I was barely a toddler.

I've managed to see Dylan, Sabbath, Priest, Maiden, Yes, Peter Gabriel, Epica, Motorhead and I'm going to see the Stones live this July, so I don't have that many regrets in general.


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I'm bummed that I never saw Chris Cornell, be it solo/Soundgarden/Audioslave.

I saw Dio three times (once was with Heaven and Hell) and I still regret not seeing him more frequently.

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I regret seeing Kiss live in 1996.
Id be happy to see Kiss at a festival. They open with Detroit Rock City usually, that right? Job done after 5 mins. Not like the time I went to see Slipknot. It quickly became apparent that Duality is their only good song. They hadn't played it after 40mins but I couldn't stick anymore.


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- I missed Iron Maiden on the Final Frontier In 2010. I would have only been 12, but I still liked them enough at that point. Also Dream Theater was opening and that would have been great.

- I missed Tool a couple of years ago in Spokane. I thought $100 was too much. I’m really mad about that one because they played Hooker, Pushit, and Lateralus. All songs I did not get to see when I saw them last year.


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Never being able to see AC/DC with Malcom and Johnson is going to haunt me until the day I die

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I was pretty sad when I missed their show but in retrospect that was mostly because my friends went and I didn't. I'm not that big of an AC/DC fan to begin with.


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Accept's reunion with Udo in 2005 and Heaven and Hell.

I regret not being able to see Bruce Dickinson live in 1998 (the date was the day before of an exam at Uni; I did not go to the gig for that reason and the exam later got postponed! :mad:) and in 2002 (I was skint and could not afford to travel to see him at a festival - I thought there would be other tours... Boy was I wrong!). Thankfully I had seen him live on the Accident of Birth tour and have seen him live on different special events in recent years (Canterbury Cathedral, Buddy Rich anniversary show, Sunflower Jam, Celebrating Jon Lord).

I missed the Ramones playing in my home town in 1991. Thankfully I could see them 2 years later.

I will add Judas Priest with Rob, K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton to that list. I missed that boat. :(