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Free Man
So I saw this title in YouTube

Top 10 Metal Album Cover Artists​

And I say, oï let's see where Derek Riggs stands. Then watched better.. 'That Doesn't Feature Iron Maiden'
Hahahah obviously Maiden is out of competition, Powerslave, The Beast, Killers, FotD, BNW, AMOLAD, TBOS.. Can't be fought!

Screenshot 2022-05-27 at 20.56.06.png

@Jer Featuring the artist that does Ghost.

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The Ever Present "It"
I am, once again, amazed that nobody on this forum knows about Ningen Isu. They're a '70s-style metal band from Japan, and they've been around since 1987 (and releasing music since 1989).

This is from their 22nd album, Kuraku (苦楽; Pain and Comfort), which came out in 2021.


Educated Fool
I'm preparing myself for Rockfest next weekend, Maiden plays there too. I bought a new biker jacket today, because the old one was broken. I also got black jeans, I'm used to wear skinny ones for concert, but I'm considerably bigger than on my previous gig so I bought ones that are very wide and probably look more flattering now.

I'd like to see British Lion but they play Friday at 3.30 PM and there's no way I can make that after my workday. So, it's Megadeth on Friday and Maiden on Saturday for me.