Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

Anything further north than whatever fucking latitude South Carolina is sitting at is too far north for me now-a-days.
Perun said:

I'm getting a well-paid and interesting job for next spring!  :yey:

Awesome!!  ....and, anything with the Professor in it is nice.
It does? I downloaded the entire series and watched the first 10 episodes, not that funny or interesting.
Simpsons is far better.
Congratulations Perun!  I've been noodling around the museum's website as best I can, looks pretty interesting.  This is VERY cool:

And now for something completely different, a typical random L.A. moment:   bumped into Neil Peart at the Borders bookstore in Century City.  Spoke very briefly to him, he was friendlier than his reputation.  Thanked him for the years of great music and said I was looking forward to the new album.  
Yeah, that may solve the problem.

I did bump into a few hotties at the work xmas party.  Turns out I knew who the dj was, and when I hit the dance floor he said "you know the party has started when IT is on the dance floor". 

Now I'm known as the IT guy who can dance.  My boss sent me an email saying that someone told him I could 'really cut a rug'-- he said he had to look that up. ;)