Legacy of the Beast Tour 2018 - CONTAINS SPOILERS

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All these people laughing at me for my comments about not playing unplayed songs...get some standards please. Not everyone is lapping up this risk-free crap they're shoveling into our mouths tour after tour.


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About the only thing I'd change is swap WY in place of RTTH. The latter is just too played out at this point and honestly, Wasted Years is a better song. Otherwise it's pretty good. Now let's see which songs get dropped and replaced by Wrathchild.


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Honestly, you could have swapped in Wrathchild over more than a few tracks on that setlist & it would be an improvement.
I think that Murray-Smith solo in Relevations is one of the best one-twos in the entire history of rock and roll. Can't wait to finally see it live, although Janick wasn't bad.
Hmm, maybe.


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Maybe there will be a further surprise in the next date and future dates.....Perhaps Maiden have completely bamboozled us and they will change the encore up in the next gig/s. I was sure HCW was going to be played due to the tour artwork and all the other songs from the tour art were played (I think).....


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Depends what you define as 'risk'. Lots of Blaze haters and people who don't like reunion stuff out there.


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It's only a disappointment because of the way it was hyped on this board. There was no reason to expect it would be played in the first place.

I do not agree.

The Clansman was hinted in the artwork and in the game released stuff, and it was played.

Alex was hinted in the artwork and in the game released stuff, and wasn't played.

My opinion was that it wouldn't be played, not because of lack of hints, but simply because Maiden decides to always play it safe.


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Wow that really was a hell of a roller-coaster ride. Very good set list indeed and well worth the hype.
Also Wrathchild wasn't played which suits me fine.
Can't wait to see it in all it's glory!!!!
Speaking of glory I’m glad Death or glory didn’t get played as rumoured
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