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Am I missing something here? The video hasn’t premiered yet, so we don’t know which songs are in the setlist or if their have/haven’t been any changes made yet...
My thought was that if they're going to play a new song there's no way they're going to reveal it in a YouTube video talking about the setlist. Looks like this years set will be exactly the same as last year.
Personally, I find the videos amusing but I'm curious to see if this is going to build up somewhere or if it's just something they did for fun and nothing's changed. I mean, I don't think they're going to change a single song but it does feel a bit odd they even bothered to record this to begin with. That said it's fun hearing Nicko chat casually about the setlist and bring up some song trivia here and there, so I don't really mind either way.
Listening to what he has to say about songs like FotD and IM, I'm beginning to wonder if Nicko has been reading this site or if we're just that predictable.

Probably the latter.
I hope it's the same setlist. That is the show I want to see. FTGGOG and SOTC may not go down so well in the US but I'm excited to hear them. I'm enjoying the videos, Nicko is always fun to listen to and I enjoy hearing his anecdotes. I appreciate he took the time to make these videos and give some content to the fans.
If they swapped out any songs from last year's set I think the additions would have to be something like 'Heaven Can Wait' or another war song like 'The Aftermath' or 'These Colours Don't Run'
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