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MGM grand garden he we come! Nice deal when Maiden is playing a couple doors down from where you work, 2 hours after the end your shift!!!! Outstanding. + my home town, LA . Two shows “CONFIRMED “!! Maybe a quick road trip to Phoenix as well. Life is beautiful my Maiden brethren....:applause::cheers:


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How much was the Trooper VIP deal on Book of Souls? .. they want $220 USD ($290CDN) on this tour, that seems much higher to me. I thought it was fairly cool last time, but do not think I am paying that much

Trooper VIP will go onsale to Iron Maiden Fan Club members on Tuesday 13th November, and on sale to the general public on Friday 16th November. The package costs US $220 ($290 CAD for Canadian shows), with a 10% discount for fanclub members.
Official TROOPER VIP pre-show party
Package includes:

  • VIP early entry into the venue
  • VIP access to the official Iron Maiden TROOPER preshow party
  • Early access to the general admission floor after First To The Barrier (where applicable)
  • Complimentary TROOPER beer and food (2 drinks per package)
  • Private cash bar
  • Specially designed TROOPER shirt
  • Exclusive TROOPER frozen beer mug
  • Exclusive Eddie ice cube tray
  • TROOPER licence plate holder
  • TROOPER playing cards deck
  • TROOPER bottle opener lanyard
  • 2 x TROOPER wrist sweatbands
  • TROOPER bandana
  • TROOPER sew-on patch
  • TROOPER cinch bag
  • Official TROOPER laminate
  • Commemorative Iron Maiden concert ticket
  • Entry into drawing to win autographed Iron Maiden tour merchandise & memorabilia, Ed-Phones & Legacy Of The Beast items
  • Crowd-free merchandise shopping
  • On-site VIP host
Limited availability

Please note: upgrade package only; package does not include a ticket to the concert; fans must purchase a concert ticket separately.
Package details and instructions will be emailed to fans prior to show date.
All ages; 21 plus for beer/alcoholic drinks with proper ID.


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Don't forget to ask for Kim, and mention Chad from Tulsa.
Gotta love this! Is Kim doing it again? This is going to be good. I will be doing all 3 Texas shows. Maybe just 2 with the Trooper package. No need to do it in Dallas, as the wife doesn't need that. That is an out of town deal only! Too many peeps for me to see in Dallas to go Trooper VIP. Thanks Brig, made me smile today! :)


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Dear North ad South Americans,

I hope you buy the tickets for sectors you want, get free days without problems, find cheap flights/rides (if necessary) and book hotels/hostels that suit you. If you still have doubts about whether you should go or not, toss 'em aside. Do this for yourself, it's one in a lifetime opportunity. Enjoy it!

Again, hats off to Maiden managemant who managed to keep this whole tour announcement without leaks, and publishing all dates in one shot.


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So basically you're paying $220 for two beers, some food and a bunch of stuff with TROOPER printed on it.


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So basically you're paying $220 for two beers, some food and a bunch of stuff with TROOPER printed on it.

I am not .. I am glad I did it once .. it was fun. They had sufficient food out that I was able to call it dinner and 2 beers. The stuff was fine, but really I use little of it (wear the shirt once in a while, use the coasters on my desk, and have used the bag they gave out to put crap in on road trips). They main benefits for me were
1) No line for t-shirts
2) We got in right after the first to the barrier people and ended up 2 people back about 10 feet off center from the stage .. that was cool, was really close the whole show.
3) I did not have to eat concession stand food .. though I suppose if we did not do the VIP, we would have eaten near there show, but everything near there is really pricey .. so figure I saved $60 at least there (dinner and 2 beers each for 2 people)

Plus it was fun, talked to some cool people there.

But I want to say it was about $70 less last time around.

Not going to do it this tour .. but I think was worth it once.
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