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Anyone who claims Janick doesn't pull his weight after this is just willfully blinkered.
TBH I got a bit more annoyed with Davey this time. He had some great moments but a lot of his solos felt like he was getting lazy.

On the flip side, while watching the concert I just got an absolute wave of admiration for H. He can play it straight or improvise and always sounds great doing it. Such a fantastic guitarist.

At this point in the band’s career, I think the three amigos are ranked as follows:
Adrian > Janick > Dave

Niall Kielt

Pulled Her At The Bottle Top
I tend to agree RE Dave. Last year, in the flesh, Dave stood out to me because of changes to solos and I appreciated the freshness but tonight there were a couple that seemed flat or by numbers. I haven't watched any youtube vids of this leg or the last one really so I dont know if its a trend and hes still a pretty boy so thats what counts.
Scorpions on now, class act so far, Coast To Coast was heavier than Ive ever heard it.


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Is there anywhere to watch this stream? I missed it. I'm listening to clips now and Bruce's voice is SO FUCKING ON POINT it's ridiculous.

Niall Kielt

Pulled Her At The Bottle Top
Certainly an above average performance from Bruce Bruce. Aces (from what was audible) and Eagles weren't great but I give him a by ball for that, difficult songs right at the start but after that he was good.


Excellent performance, excellent stream. Thoroughly enjoyed watching it with a couple of mates, my son, and several cans of Panhead.

Loved Adrian's solo in Wickerman, brilliant stuff!!

Had to laugh at the volume of Steve's mic on Run to the Hills. He was louder than Bruce in the mix! Funny to hear his voice cutting through the other two.


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Amazing concert. The sound was better than RIR 2013, the bass was pretty high. It sucks what happened at the start of Aces High....

The performance of Bruce was good (it had some remarks) - he struggled during HBTN and TETMD sounded kinda strange.... I expected a different reaction from the audience to FTGGOG (in Chile will be different, I think). A shitload of improvisations to the solos from Dave (not a good decision). Nicko was flawless, Adrian was great.... Janick too. I hate when someone does a solo and the camera is not showing him - Adrian during 2MTM (especially with the 2mtm guitar) and FOI.... I really hate that!

Overall, a fantastic concert and experience. :edmetal:


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I would appreciate it alot if anybody would send me link to the show via private-message. Thanks.
I already found someones channel, who had uploaded full shows from Scorpions and Helloween, also Maiden was visible but it won't play as it's been deleted.
Hope to see the full show soon.
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