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If I was hearing all those songs in a row for the first time with no prior knowledge of the bands, either Maiden entry would put them at the top of the pile. And I would still think Slayer are utter shit.
I would put Paranoid and Crazy Train up there too.

I like Slayer's first three records.

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Very Tough choice, but I would have to say RTTH as well. I personally like The Trooper better but I feel RTTH is regarded as their most classic/popular song as a whole.
One of the first-timers who went to the Atlanta show with me only knew one Maiden song beforehand, RTTH.


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I watched some videos from the last gig and Bruce is sounding much better. Maybe his best gig this year?


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So what is the Maiden song equivalent to these classic songs? Paranoid, Breaking the Law, Smoke on the Water, Enter Sandman, Ace of Spades, Raining Blood, Crazy Train, Rock You Like a Hurricane, Symphony of Destruction. Run to the Hills or The Trooper?
I think Maiden have several in that bracket, as well as RTTH and Trooper you can add TNOTB, Aces High, Wasted Years and FOTD. You can add a couple of more tracks for some of the other bands too, Puppets, One, War Pigs and Highway Star.

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Ive heard it and Number of the Beast on Eastenders :eek:

Edit: Ive heard it and Number of the Beast on Eastenders :facepalm:


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A large portion of non-metal fans that i know have heard of Run to the Hills, I'd be very surprised if any of them know The Trooper.

With that said, amongst metal fans who aren't necessarily maiden fans but know the big songs, I'd argue The Trooper gets mentioned more. Perhaps there's different levels of casual fan to be considered. I'd definitely call RTTH their most known overall however.


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Also about the show: I blame the sound being shite on the venue. I was 6th row in front of Ade and had difficulties hearing guitars and vocals. A few additional front fills would do wonders...