Keyboards on The Book of Souls album

They used to bring him on stage for SSOASS even.

Any keyboard you hear live is played by him. There's a documentary that shows his little room backstage where he plays.
The sleeve notes are interesting in that they say:

Steve Harris: Bass and Keyboards

and then a few lines down:

Keyboards by Michael Kenney

Which means that this is no different from the other albums: Steve did some keyboards (probably for timing) but Michael Kenney (The Seventh Member of Maiden) did most of them.
It's so awesome to see Bruce credited for the piano as well.
It's cool when he becomes part of the stage show. Like a Phantom of the Opera Eddie standing in the wings....

I hate the sound of the keyboards on The Book of Souls. Unpleasant tone and way too loud/up front in the mix. The only other album where they fit as badly and jump out as much is Virtual XI - with the infamous "The Angel and the Gambler" serving as a reminder of what not to do. Or apparently not.