Judgement of Heaven

How good is Judgement of Heaven on a scale of 1-10?

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Re: Daily Song: Judgement of Heaven

Hmm, I am more annoyed by this track than I am thrilled. After the intro, which is not particularly memorable, the song just drags along with a very, VERY repetetive chorus. To me this sounds like one of the more uninspired songs on the album. 4/10

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Re: Daily Song: Judgement of Heaven

Easily the weakest song on the album. Neither very good vocal performance or instrumental parts. I still don't completely hate it though. 6/10


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The bass intro tells us right away that we're in for a more uplifting song, and Blaze's singing emphasises this impression. When I say uplifting, I don't mean happy or that this is a party song, but one that tells you to keep your spirits high and carry on. I like the dry way Blaze sings at the beginning, and when the song kicks in full, the positive energy the songs sets out to transmit really can be felt. 10/10.


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I actually like this one a lot. I like the lyrics and the energy in the vocals. You can tell Blaze cares about singing in this one, there is a lot of passion in his voice.  8/10


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Re: Daily Song: Judgement of Heaven

Forostar said:
This song starts a bit awkward and when it gets heavy I'm still not that over the moon by it, but as soon as Blaze sings ...If you could live your life again.. it gets really good. Catchy verse, nice chorus and right after Dave's speedy solo we get the best part: a super guitar melody!

It really shines without an accompanying rhythm guitar. The only other thing we hear are the fairly simple drums with the pumping bass. But it works perfectly!

Soon it turns into a harmony, and another great melody returns, which Blaze joins.

This is the one but best Maiden w/Blaze album song which was never played:

A low 9.

A high 8.

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After the fun bass intro, rhythm guitar works so nice. This reminds me of The Thin Line Between Love & Hate a lot. I hate the "Yeah yeah" from Blaze. It's terrible  :bigsmile: 8/10.

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Good song with bad vocals. Blaze sounds really uninspired on this one. And of course, YEAH! YEAH! sucks. 6/10.


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7- I like the melody and harmonies on this song but not much else.  Liked it a lot more in 1995 than I do now.


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Hmm... there seems to be a pretty even split in this thread between those who love the song, and those who either dislike it, or find it only "okay". Personally, it's a song I've always loved very much, lyrically and musically. The awkwardly fun bass intro seems to be at odds with the lyrics, although they are meant to inspiring as well as depressive, so it works on that level. When it kicks into the more dramatic and tense section when Blaze sings "Tell me if I'll ever rest in peace?", the song just grabs hold of me and won't let go. The song from here on out makes me feel quite emotional, and I have been in tears several times while listening to it, and especially if I sing along to it. I love Davey's solo in this one, and the harmony sections that follow are just magical. My only gripe is I feel Nicko's drumming is a bit too rigid during this section, when he could have injected even more life into it.

Overall, I love this song very much, and it's not only one of my fave songs from the Blaze era, but from all eras of Maiden period. Awesome song!



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Sounds like a high school band at a talent show that really likes Iron Maiden. Extra point for the solid unison after the solo and the chorus melody that should have been.
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Not gonna lie, this song makes me tear up. Everything about it is so powerful, and so gripping. I love the leads as well as the vocal melody of the chorus, and every riff is just unforgettable. I find the riff towards the end (C#-B-C#) to be really powerful.

The only thing that brings it down to a 9 is Blaze's vibe killing: "Yeahhh yeah! Yeah!". I never liked it when Dio did that, and I especially don't like it here. It works live, but keep it out of the studio.

One of the most heart-wrenching pieces of music I've heard in my life.


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One of my favourite songs Maiden has ever compiled, second favourite from TXF. Every time I listen to it, the lyrics get to me and actually matter a lot. The song's only fault is starting off a bit weak. The clean intro really isn't anything special but the moment Blaze sings: If you could live your life again... the song takes a whole other turn and keeps the epicness up until the end. After a nice Dave solo, the stage is set for some of Maiden's best melodies and harmonies. So emotional and strong. The chorus is also very good.


I have always a hard time listening to songs in major scales. I just can't take them serious most of the time. If often sounds like children songs or something.
The intro and verse on this one is awful. The pre chorus (1:28) is a little better but the chorus is cringe worthy to my ears. The instrumental section is okay but I don't like it so much. Then the happy - clappy chorus comes in again and and I really want to skip to the next track. Luckily Blaze gives us some cool falsetto in the end which makes me hold my hand away from the skip - button.

A low-point on the album for me.



I do not need to think this one over twice - a super-solid 10 any day of the week. Love the lyrics, the performance from the band and the overall vibe that makes it sit solidly among the best songs of one of my favourite Iron Maiden-albums. Favourite moment is probably Nicko and Steve's groove under the harmony after the solo. That is what you love Maiden for, and here you get to hear them in a clear mix where the drums and bass are crystal. Absolutely amazing part.


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As if people don't hate me enough already....... I can only see this song as a joke.