Janick Gers

I know. It's pretty remarkable that when Janick told it to Adrian, H said that he never heard the track when he wrote it (with Bruce).

Did you hear Fool For The Gods already? A sublime masterpiece, the SSOASS of 1980 (at least as epic, and the same length)!
I'm looking at the songs now, it seems that I have all the tracks from the album and about a dozen b-sides, and no Fool for the Gods. Too bad.
Most b-sides are imo less good than the album tracks. Fool For The Gods is the last (regular) album track (see first post).
On White Spirit´s demo from 1981, I also noticed that a song called "The Way You Want to See" is very similar to "Man on the Edge". They both share the same main riff.
Here the best song Janick has ever played on (perhaps even Maiden included):

Awesome, epic stuff. Great melodies, lyrics and emotion:

Fool For The Gods (1980)

Absolutely check it out if you haven't done that before!


In case people are curious about Janick Gers collaboration with Fish and his role in Gogmagog:

Janick co-wrote (and played on) one song: View From The Hill, for Fish’s first solo-album, entitled Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors (1990).

To hear the track click here.


Gogmagog were a British supergroup that featured former Iron Maiden members Paul Di'Anno and Clive Burr, former White Spirit guitarist Janick Gers (himself a future member of Iron Maiden), former Def Leppard guitarist Pete Willis, and former Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, and John Sloman's Badlands bassist Neil Murray. Gogmagog recorded and released the 3-song I Will Be There EP in 1985:

Hear the tracks from their EP "I Will Be There" (1985) here:

1. "I Will Be There" - 4:35
2. "Living in a Fucking Time Warp" - 3:14
3. "It's Illegal, It's Immoral, It's Unhealthy, but It's Fun" - 3:30
I have also a Gogmagog album called 'Very Rare' - it's only downloaded so unfortunately I don't have any more information, apart from the tracklisting:

1. Flaming Heart
2. I Will Be There
3. Heartuser
4. Living In A Fucking Time Warp
5. Here To Stay
6. It's Illegal, It's Immoral, It's Unhealthy, But It's Fun
7. The Runner
8. Tales Of The Unexpected
9. Razor Edge
10. Bright Lights
11. Lady Heartbreak
12. Antigua
13. Road Rat

Does anyone know anything about this?
Interesting. Never heard the tracks (apart from those 3). By the way: "Living In A Fucking Time Warp" is really stolen from "Living After Midnight", and the title shows that they don't mind hiding it. :)
Forostar said:
Here the best song Janick has ever played on (perhaps even Maiden included):

Awesome, epic stuff. Great melodies, lyrics and emotion:

Fool For The Gods (1980)

Absolutely check it out if you haven't done that before!

Thanks Foro, awesome stuff in deed  :)
I like very much the sound, not to mention the rythm's galloping and the recognizable guitar bridges by Mr.Gers

ps :2 minutes introduction with no singing ? I thought only Pink Floyd could do that !

I like -->this better though regarding White Spirit  ;)
You're welcome! The rhythm section of White Spirit I also very good. Especially that bass is enjoying underneath those leads (and the rest).
That weird TV show was the adult version of Tiswas. Same people in front of camera, but shown late at night so they could be more risqué.

Trivia over. :D
Gillan - Restless (videoclip) 1981
Gillan - Nightmare
Top Of The Pops 1981. Appearing on Top of the Pops was probably his first "job" in the band.
He is full in the camera with his face @ 2.28-2.32.

(this info I copied from below the vid: Good quality rare video recorded from Top Of The Pops 1981. Gillan was a hard rock band formed in 1978 by Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan. In 1978 Ian Gillan had become dissatisfied with the jazz fusion style of his band called the Ian Gillan Band and dissolved it, retaining only keyboard player Colin Towns, and formed a new band entitled Gillan. He added Steve Byrd on guitar, Liam Genockey on drums and John McCoy on bass, and initially pursued a progressive rock direction, releasing their eponymous debut in 1978, although they could only get a record deal in Japan, Australia and New Zealand. This recording has subsequently become more widely available as The Japanese Album as a CD re-issue by RPM Records in 1994. Genocky was unable to commit to the band beyond the recording of the album and the band's live debut at the Reading Festival in 1978. He was replaced for the subsequent tour by Pete Barnacle. By 1981 the band members were becoming disgruntled that their European and Japanese success was not translating into increased financial rewards, and after the Future Shock album, whilst on tour in Germany, Torme walked out just before the band were due to fly back to the UK to appear on Top of the Pops. He was replaced by White Spirit guitarist Janick Gers (who would later go on to join Iron Maiden) and this line up released the live/studio double album Double Trouble at the end of the year. In 1982 the final album Magic followed. By this time, tension over money had reached fever pitch and Ian Gillan needed time to have nodes removed from his vocal cords. After the Magic tour Ian Gillan dissolved the band while he underwent surgery. He then accepted an offer to front Black Sabbath, ...)


Gillan - Restless (top of the tops 1982) Here you can see Janick way better.
Gillan - Smoke on the water (live in Vienna, 4-3-1982)
Gillan - Vengeance
Gillan - On the Rocks
This show was called "OFF the Record" filmed at TVS Theatre in Gillingham, 17.01.1982.

And this one is really special:
Gillan on Nº 73 - 05/June/1982 Ultra Rare footage  (that was Nicko's 30th birthday!)

(according to the text with the vid): This could be some of the rarest Gillan footage to date. I saw this when it was first transmitted and regretted not having access to a video recorder at the time. No 73 was a children's Saturday Morning show and apart from cartoons etc it would have live bands in the studio. The footage contains a live performance of No Laughing in Heaven and New Orleans together with an interview and some 'jolly japes'!
Here's a live version of Mutually Assured Destruction.

When I first saw it I was trying to see if it really was Janick.The uploader claims so but there isn't some close shot to make sure 100%.His moves do like Janick though.
And those red pants.Yes, it is him.  :D
That is most certainly Janick. Look at the guitar.
I really wish they'd re-release the White Spirit album, be nice to have a new remastered disc at an affordable price...