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Janick Gers

Discussion in 'Solo/Side Project Discussion' started by Forostar, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. Forostar

    Forostar Conjure the Death Star again

    Janick Gers did different things before he joined Iron Maiden in 1990. He played with Gillan on albums and tours. He did stuff with Fish and of course with Bruce Dickinson.

    The most impressive stuff I heard from him (outside Maiden) was his band White Spirit.

    White Spirit, a bit of a weird name. The music was a bit like Deep Purple/Rainbow. The music was melodic and at moments very atmospheric.

    They released one same-titled album in 1980.

    1. Midnight Chaser
    2. Red Skies
    3. High Upon High
    4. Way Of The Kings
    5. No Reprieve
    6. Don't Be Fooled
    7. Fool For The Gods

    More detailed info and discography: http://www.nwobhm.com/wspirit.htm

    The last song of their album is so impressive, that I cannot ignore it here, in this topic.:

    Fool For The Gods is a 10 minute epic, with moving lyrics, catchy melodies, atmospheric keyboards and even some sphineshivering, acoustic guitars.

    I love this song! What do you guys think?


  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Resistance is futile. You will be moderated.

    In other words: Thanks, mate [img src=\"style_emoticons/[#EMO_DIR#]/smile.gif\" style=\"vertical-align:middle\" emoid=\":)\" border=\"0\" alt=\"smile.gif\" /] I haven't heard White Spirit or the Gillan albums Jan was on, but I think he deserves recognition anyway. Thread pinned.
  3. gor

    gor Ancient Mariner

    Whte Spirit has currently been reissued by Sanctuary/Castle on a lovely 2cd filled with the whole album and intresting and obscure bonus tracks. Basically, I think it contains pretty much everything WS ever put out. You can check it out by searching the band up at http://www.metal-archives.com/
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Well, I've heard some White Spirit now. I must say it's really great hard rock, with a whole range of obvious influences, from Deep Purple to Pink Floyd! Jan is recognisable, but his playing is also a bit different from the later Maiden work. Apart from Jan himself, it's just wonderful music. Very deep and emotional, but at the same time pretty uplifting. Very hard to describe... it's just great [img src=\"style_emoticons/[#EMO_DIR#]/smile.gif\" style=\"vertical-align:middle\" emoid=\":)\" border=\"0\" alt=\"smile.gif\" /]
  5. Forostar

    Forostar Conjure the Death Star again

    About the 2cd re-issue: I purchased it and imo the b-sides are far from great.

    I prefer the LP with "Fool for the Gods" as a sublime album closer. :)
  6. Forostar

    Forostar Conjure the Death Star again

    Recently I downloaded old studio demos from White Spirit.

    The directory says:
    White Spirit - studio demos 17 march 1981

    Today I decided to give it a listen.

    One of the tracks is called Till the Kill and it has the same opening riff as The Mercenary (Gers/Harris)!

    Interesting to know that the main riff of The Mercenary came from a 1981(!) song of Janick himself. :)

    I haven't heard the rest of the demo tracks yet, we'll see if there's more ! :)
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  7. thousand_suns

    thousand_suns Prowler

    Do you know that one of Janick Gers' guitars, a black Fender Stratocaster, was a gift from Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillan?
  8. Yax

    Yax Ancient Mariner

    I see someone has watched "Death on the Road"...

    Nice picture!  :)
  9. thousand_suns

    thousand_suns Prowler

    What do you mean that I watch Death on the Road? You are wrong. I didn't even watch that.
  10. Yax

    Yax Ancient Mariner

    On the "Death on the Road" bonus disc, there's some interviews with rodies and others, where one of 'em tells this particular story of Jan's guitar.
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    my first post on this site... glad i stumbled on this site.  anyways, i didnt get a bonus disc in my copy of that... maybe that was a limited edition type thing.  anyway i didnt know abut that.
  12. Raven

    Raven Ancient Mariner

    He means the DVD.  Which still hasn't been re-released, from the looks of things. :(
  13. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    oh my b... you can always check ebay though.
  14. Forostar

    Forostar Conjure the Death Star again

  15. VodaWolph

    VodaWolph Invader

    Did I ever mention a similarity between Red Skies and Monsegur?
  16. Forostar

    Forostar Conjure the Death Star again

    I never noticed it. What part(s)?
  17. VodaWolph

    VodaWolph Invader

    At about the 4 minute part, the later part of Janicks solo[hr][/hr]Also found this on YouTube (is that the black strat in question?)

  18. Forostar

    Forostar Conjure the Death Star again

    @VodaWolph: I finally checked it (sorry for the huge delay!). There's indeed little resemblance between these parts, but not as much as between Till The Kill & The Mercenary.
  19. VodaWolph

    VodaWolph Invader

    Unfortunatly I don't have the whole WS album, only a 4 track EP called Muthas Pride. I think it was a sampler for the Metal For Muthas II album. Still, I think it's a good track with great keyboards and guitar work. They were ok live when I saw them supporting Gillan way back when. Can't remember the other band who supported Gillan on that tour, Fist perhaps?
  20. Ranko

    Ranko I'll shoot the gunner first!

    I managed to get ahold of some White Spirit songs... Amongst them is a track called Midnight Chaser (recorded in 1980, I presume) - the first minute is very similar to 2 Minutes to Midnight, take a listen. I've uploaded it here.

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