Iron Maiden's most progressive song?

Wally Swift

Considering that Iron Maiden's music has always been akin to early Genesis LP tracks played at 45rpm I'm gonna say all of'm:) are proggy. Most proggy? Maybe that "aaahhhhhhhh" stuff towards the end of Seventh Son of a Seventh Son". Carry on.....

Black Bart

Ancient Mariner
"Prodigal Son" for the inspired and not too predictable time changes suffused in Genesis/Yes-like acoustic accompaniment.
"Alexander the Great", especially for its clean solo in the middle.


I'll shoot the gunner first!
The first minute or so of "Blood On The Worlds Hands" sounds like a Rush castoff
The bass solo or the full band afterwards?

Isle of Avalon. What a journey that song is.
A journey repeated twice - i.e. the whole song structure is just repeated again after the (awesome) solo section. But okay, if Dream Theater can do it with In The Presence of Enemies, so can Maiden. :D


I also think The Unbeliever is pretty progressive...
The X Factor was when Steve and Janick really started getting very proggy..


Conjecture....There are progressive elements as far back as their debut album of course.
Then obviously on SIT and SSOASS more progressive leanings developed until they went back to basics again on NPFTD.
However it wasn't until the X-Factor that on some songs progressiveness became the forebearing method.
Check out the definition of progressive metal.
It's a good read and very educational for the uninitiated...