Iron Maiden video interviews / shows


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I haven't seen this one

I remember the Blaze diaries for the fan club.

There was a full show,

That's an edited version, the real run time was twice as long, they seem to have cut out the video from Virus which was the world premiere, and videos from other artists that appeared interspersed between the rest of the footage, one of which I remember was King Diamond The Uninvited Guest. Also, I think there was more short clips of Maiden live in Brazil, although I may have missed them as I only scanned through that video.
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Someone had asked for this so here you go
Digitised using a DMR-E75V so sorry for the quality, it was a big pain to do this
Every since this was posted:
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I've been ever so subtly (ie without running any too-dodgy Google searches) trying to find out the origin of the remark (?or joke). Now I know.

Thanks :lol: