IRON MAIDEN SURVIVOR #7: Results -> Hallowed Be Thy Name wins for the 6th time!

Hardest round so far. Went with Only The Good Die Young, Brave New World, The Longest Day, Lord Of Light and The Legacy. So basically picked 3 favorites from each album and voted for the rest.
Out of the Silent Planet - one the best if not the best galloping song, the gallop, the melody, just sublime Maiden.
These Colours don't run... Song that has highest hope of played again from AMOLAD, if boys ever choose to do something from that album.
As much as I love Out Of The Silent Planet, Trooper is still the best gallop.

I agree about These Colours Don't Run. Benjamin Breeg is the other.
The Longest Day has the single coolest instrumental break in all of reunion Maiden. Y’all are silly. Don’t @ me brah
The instrumental section is indeed very good, but I think the one on For The Greater Good Of God is the best in the album.

The best instrumental section in all of reunion Maiden? The candidates are many (most of the songs from Senjutsu like Writing On The Wall, Parchment, Hell On Earth, and then Empire, River, Greater Good, Dance Of Death, No More Lies, Brave New World, Ghost, Blood Brothers, Mirrors), but I'd say -> The Red And The Black. Pure Maiden magic!
The Longest Day is a fantastic song, with a slightly weak chorus that gets repeated a bit too much.
The only ''flaw'' in The Longest Day is the chorus imo. I think the sluggish chorus fits better in Lord Of Light because the song has a slow middle part (also in Public Enema Number One), whereas in songs like it (because of the better pre-chorus) or When The River Runs Deep it doesn't, although it's nice in the former. Maybe the chorus should have been repeated one less time (like in Lord Of Light).
The production of “Paschendale” emulates the mud of the battlefield, and the vocal melody is about as compelling as the justification for murdering Franz Ferdinand’s pregnant wife. The eagle cry echoes the wail of my soul by that point in the song, wondering why the track is so tepid when it could have been so much more.

Meanwhile, “The Longest Day” fully embodies the “theater of the mind” approach, building suspense during the verse, climaxing during the pre-chorus as the soldiers storm the beach, and pulling back a little during the chorus as the soldiers lament the position they’re in. The interlude in the middle embodies the rolling waves buffeting the landing boats as the drums reflect the gun emplacements on the cliff wall.
Both songs describe the atmosphere of their themes fantastically, but Paschendale is better imo. The vote against any song from AMOLAD isn't easy.
The Legacy with 10 votes? What the heck, guys?
The atmosphere in it is amazing, the second half of the song even more so. I don't have a problem with the length of the intro anymore, it's very X Factor-ish and great.
Eliminated after Round 21:
Out Of The Silent Planet - 15 votes

Do you people who voted for "The Legacy" just continued with your day? Don't you stop and think "What's wrong with me?" Or did you have emotions surgically removed from your body....

It’s fine, but it’s not even the best instrumental section on this album alone (for that, look no further than the incredible “For the Greater Good of God”). And the effect of the instrumental section is dampened because the impact of the song loses traction with that sluggish chorus.
Couldn’t vote more than 4 this time.

Wicker Man, Blood Brothers, Reincarnation, Longest day and it was too difficult already.

EDIT: 15 fucking votes for The Legacy? How the fuck is possible…

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Eliminated after Round 22:
The Legacy - 18 votes
The Longest Day - 15 votes
Only The Good Die Young - 14 votes
The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg - 14 votes

Promoted after Round 22:
Infinite Dreams
The Evil That Men Do
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
For The Greater Good Of God
Lord Of Light

The Final Frontier joins the game! 7 votes allowed.
  • Blood Brothers
  • Satellite 15…The Final Frontier
  • El Dorado
  • Mother Of Mercy
  • Coming Home
  • The Alchemist
  • The Man Who Would Be King
Eliminated after Round 22:
The Legacy - 18 votes
The Longest Day - 15 votes
Only The Good Die Young - 14 votes
The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg - 14 votes
Only The Good Die Young is a hidden gem, but the other Seventh Son songs are just amazing.
I think the right songs from AMOLAD were promoted.

I voted for:

Satellite 15... The Final Frontier
Mother Of Mercy
The Man Who Would Be King

Final Frontier only because of Satellite 15, Mother Mercy because of its too long intro for such a short song and the chorus is not good for Bruce, King because I don't like some parts of it (it would have sounded so much better live).

El Dorado was another choice of mine, but the gallop & riff are great.
Fucking finally...

TFF being one of my least favorite albums makes this one easy:

The Wicker Man
Satellite 15... The Final Frontier
El Dorado
Mother Of Mercy
Coming Home
Isle Of Avalon
The Man Who Would Be King