Iron Maiden style of music not being very RIFFY

What do you think about Iron Maiden music not being very RIFFY (not having many heavy guitar riffs as a significant element of their music)? Did you ever mind that aspect specific to them?
They obviously created their own heavy metal style and didn't follow Black Sabbath footsteps of metal music driven by heavy guitar riffs.
So do you wish Maiden music was more riffy (riff-driven) or not?
Technically they do have riffs in their songs but I get what you are trying to say.

I personally consider their style of guitar gallops and harmonies rather unique and talking about Sabbath and AC/DC influenced "riffy" style, they did experiment with it on a good portion of 'Fear Of the Dark' and IMHO, I don't think that came out as natural as it should have.

At times I also think, a lack of catchy hook or riff associated with them is one of the reason why they couldn't break into much radio airplay in their heyday (and a reason why you would get to hear a GnR song from the 80s and not Maiden in a movie like Thor or a WWE player making an entrance with playing their songs on background) and yet they have always been one of the biggest and respectable names in the genre.

So, in conclusion, I think their non-riffy style is what makes them interesting and different from the pack!
They have riffs, but their trademark approach is a greater emphasis on the melodies (especially on the recent albums). And that's exactly what makes them unique. The long songs too. I love ''rough'' riffs (melodies too ofc), but Maiden makes everything else great, memorable and always interesting. With melodic riffs too. Own heavy metal style, I like that. They are a truly special band.
I think Maiden is perfect as they are.

Melodies, riffs, harmonies, I think all their albums and eras sounds good overall. They could experiement with either more riffs or more Journeyman-stuff, but they don’t have much more time as an active band, so if they come up with one more album, I would prefer them to do it as "Maiden" as possible!
Used to be riffy. Hasn’t been for the last 30 years because they keep rewriting the chorus of Fear Of The Dark over and over again.
In my eyes Powerslave is very riffy, harmonies are present, guitars sound great and in your face. Whole album is driven by guitars. In other words, perfect Maiden formula which was lost on subsequent albums.
I would say since the Blaze era or the Reunion era really. But all of their albums have from everything, and it's good. I miss guitar harmonies, but Maiden's style is still perfect for me.
Had they been riffy, they wouldn't have been Iron Maiden. Simple as that.

There are some riffy pieces in their catalogue (Wrathchild, Transylvania, Genghis Khan, Be Quick or Be Dead are the first that come to mind) but given their musical background they tend to focus on melody more. And that's why their sound became so distinctive.
Trooper? TNOTB? HBTN? TETMD? There’s riffs all over their 80s output. Even the gallopy songs generally had a riff to them.