Iron Maiden stage sets over the years

Discussion in 'Maiden Chat' started by Kalata, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. Kalata

    Kalata Out of the Silent Planet

    Stage set for LOTB tour !

    - war theme
    2,3 - religion/church theme
    4 - hell theme

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  2. Ziggyplayedguitar

    Ziggyplayedguitar Educated Fool

    I agree they were very similar.

    ARLT in 1993 was essentially FOTR part two.

    The only difference was they had a tv screen on ARLT projecting relevant backdrops such as the Powerslave sleeve, instead of painted back drops for FOTR and earlier tours for No Prayer.
  3. Kalata

    Kalata Out of the Silent Planet

    A suggestion:

    The stage set (the design) of the final Maiden tour/concert should be a some kind of temple - The Maiden temple ! :p:yes:

    Or they can merge parts of all previous stage sets for the final tour (they've done something similar with the EH stage set). Whatever they will choose I'm sure the stage for their final tour will be AMAZING !!!
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  4. Kalata

    Kalata Out of the Silent Planet

    Does anybody know if the big Eddie from the World Piece Tour was behind the drums during the whole concert ? Now I think about it, and on the footage from the Dortmund '83 concert the big Eddie head is there all the time, but on this concert in Montreal in 1983, the quality is low and pretty dark, but I think the big Eddie is missing (or just cannot be seen, because of the dark lights):

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  5. Kalata

    Kalata Out of the Silent Planet

    The worst stage set in Maiden's history is Early Days tour or Give Me Ed... tour!(even the Marshall stage sets form the 90's and from 80-82 were more cool). Eddies all over the stage, but they're not that good IMO. The Eddies in the ME tour stage set were way better. But I think I dislike more the 2005 stage set....
    Give Me Ed had a really cool backdrops and upper half of the stage was full of Eddies (Seventh Son and ARLDO were the Eddies, If I remember right). And the stage had a giant kind of hoop around the backdrops which was a nice detail - and behind that hoop were FOTD and Killers Eddies as a backdrops. Both tours shares the same concept - and the same big Eddie, unfortunately.

    I have a nice little idea for the 2005 stage set: Imagine the stage set to be a (a part of) street, the one from the 80-81 album covers with trash bins, street lamps, ditches and building/s as a background, or as a backdrop (no big screens behind the drums!). Nice concept, very different and Nicko's drums for this tour will be fit perfect in that scenery. Yeah, the stage set will be blank, but they also can add more details to it, like Charlotte posters (they had 22AA inscript on the stage) etc... And they also used the Eddie mask (from the early incarnations of him) form the DOD tour for this one (on the left side to the drum kit) which was great too.

    That was just a thought of mine. :D
  6. karljant

    karljant Ancient Mariner

    Supporting album tours only:

    IM and Killer World Tour:
    Not a great deal of props... just a backdrop painting of their mascotte, a bunch of Eddie masked guys with spotlights in the end and a lot of energy. Primitive and cool. (-)

    The Beast On The Road: Ah that triangle! Huge increase regarding lighting and the first "walking giant Eddie". And those metallic upper platforms. It seems a bit dated 35 years later (obviously) but cool for the time. I would ditch those devils in pijamas though :D (14/20)

    World Piece Tour: Chessboard tiles, more upper platforms, a big lobotomized Eddie in a straight-jacket and their first "behind the drums Eddie": great! (15/20)

    World Slavery Tour: Now THIS is where the band took it to another level! The hierogliphes, sarcophagus and anubis statues are simple awesome. Lighting and fireworks is out of this world. The huge sarcophagus behind the drums is amazing. Only one low point: that toilet papper walking thing that shows up during Powerslave... is that supposed to be Eddie? Nevertheless this would be amazing even if they did it today (actualy most of the SBIT is a replica of this show's set). That alone speaks volumes about it. (20/20)

    Somewhere on Tour: Another set way ahead of his time (see what i did here?). The walking cyborg Eddie is awesome (SBIT's even better but hey! It is 20 years younger...) and the inflatable one embeded on the structure to form Eddie's upper torso holding Steve and Bruce in his hands is the best one EVER in my opinion. Bruce's clothes are great too if we ignore that corny jacket he wears during the first 2 songs (but if we had to talk about clothing we would have to turn a blid eye to everything Steve was wearing till 1998 :p ) . (20/20)

    Seventh Tour Of A Seventh Tour: The concept is there and the cover sleeve Eddie is amazing! But the icy block platforms fail to seem natural... way too "plastic". It's a pitty but hey... Once again all would be fixed 20 years later where the ice blocks really look like ice paying justice to the initial idea. Nevertheless great set inspired in a great cover. (18/20)

    No Prayer On The Road: Walking Eddie is awfull and the tomb bursting one could be a lot better. Other than that thi is a cool and simple set with great lighting and amazing backdrops. (14/20)

    Fear Of The Dark Tour: Cool brach filled scenario inspired in the cover and a cool inflatable Eddie. An upgrade from the previous tour regarding visuals. It also featured an abomination of a walking Eddie that the band rightfully ditched after a few appearances. (16/20)

    The X Factour: Now this set was amazing! Filled with dark factory plates, grim as the album's cover and ambiance and with an excelent use of light. Eletrocuted Eddie is also realy great... but it was begging for a lot of sparks and firework to be included once the electric chair started to work. Walking Eddie was awful, however. (18/20)

    Virtual XI Tour: Colourful and detailed but lacks coherency (too many elements that hardly fit together). Behind the drums Eddie could be better. And Then there's that walking green and pathetic Eddie wannabe. (15/20)

    Metal 2000: Scafolds... why bloody scafolds? What is this crap? And to make things uglier that green goofy guy from the last tours makes its appearence too! Nevertheless, the backdrops and lighting are amazing and the Wicker Man Eddie is also cool. (15/20)

    Dance Of Death Tour: Everything in this set is pleasant to theey. Nevertheless that castle theme is a bit cliche (and that walking Eddie doesn't convinced me a lot too). As for the rest of the visuals and lighting is really top notch (those statues are beautiful). And grim reaper Eddie pointing slowwly to every single person in the audience is one of the its best live incarnations ever. (18/20)

    A Matter Of Life And Death Tour: Great war themed decoration, amazing lighting and... the tank!!! WOW! This tour was really something else. Walking Eddie really average, though. (18/20)

    Final Frontier Tour: Now this stage is really pretty! The distant planet/ satelite motive, those sci-fi towers, the lighting, the backdrops (El Dorado's works wonders combined with the said props). Walking Eddie with a fender ukelele is too goofy of a sight though. The big one is ok but nothing special. (18/20)

    The Book Of Souls Tour: AMAZING and huge production! From the intro movie and the entrance of IESF you know you're in for a special treat. All the inflatable figures are amazing. Mayan walking Eddie is cool too. The spotlight wheel displaying the Eddie faces is awesome and the backdrops, lighting and pyrothechics are as good as humanly possible. One of their all time best stages without a shadow of doubt! (20/20)
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  7. Kalata

    Kalata Out of the Silent Planet

    A review of the stage sets - cool. Maybe you should also do all the stage sets (history/hits tours, Real Live tour, Ed Hunter tour...) :)

    TBOS stage set is really amazing, one of their all time best, but they topped it with the current LOTB stage set. Although I do not know how they will top that stage for the next tour - it seems impossible. But Maiden always find a way to surprise us. :)
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  8. SirRobbins

    SirRobbins Ancient Mariner

    Killers and No prayer not only look very similar in stage set but the song writing seems like a mirror as well. It's a more raw, unfiltered sound vocally and musically. It worked for Killers but not NPFTD.....

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