Iron Maiden songs - pro-shot / pro-recorded bootlegs


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He posted in that thread..I don't think he would be asking if he found it there. :huh:


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I need to start updating this thread but it's some work....
I could now continue from TFF backwards because it's a lot easier. I've been "current" with all boots from 1998- (pretty much sure I can list from the top of my head with 90% accuracy...).

If anyone wants to help out with this, shout. (if you don't know what it's about, check first post of the thread)

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Posted recently on YouTube (but does it mean the media itself has been made public recently?): pro-shot bits of Maiden's set from the Italian Monsters of Rock '92.
Tailgunner - The Evil That Men Do - Bring your Daughter... to the Slaughter - The Clairvoyant - Heaven Can Wait - Run To The Hills - 2 Minutes To Midnight - Iron Maiden - The Trooper - Sanctuary - Running Free