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Iron Maiden songs – a rough overview of their “live history”

Discussion in 'Commentary Discussion' started by Forostar, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Perun

    Perun Climbing like a monkey Staff Member

    Great, thanks for your help! :ok:
  2. srfc

    srfc Educated Fool

    Here's an old school thread about the different versions of Drifter on the original UK 7 inch of sanctuary


    there was an upload on youtube of it, I'll see if I can find both versions and post them.

    here's the familiar version

    and here's the version from the original 7 inch

    Judging from the guitar solo starting around 1.55 in the first version and around 2:44 in the second, they are both edits of the same source recording as the solos are identical
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  3. Zare

    Zare Dream of broken citadels

    It is not official live, the footage is owned by Lick Library. It's the same situation with Abbey Road performance.
  4. srfc

    srfc Educated Fool

    It was sold from the Maiden website as an official download single.
  5. srfc

    srfc Educated Fool

    RE: edited versions, not sure if it's entirely relevant as ultimately the source recording is the same, but there's also an edited version of Running Free that was on the original 1 disc CD version of Live after Death, that has the singalong section edited out.
  6. Perun

    Perun Climbing like a monkey Staff Member

    Okay, I'll leave it as it is, then, because the edits may be different, but the recording is the same.
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  7. GhostofCain

    GhostofCain Ancient Mariner

    Correct. :)
  8. GhostofCain

    GhostofCain Ancient Mariner

    IIRC, Bruce says "Good evening Aalborg" during the fade. That is where I got that the recording is from Aalborg. ;)
  9. GhostofCain

    GhostofCain Ancient Mariner

    It did not strike me as a previously unreleased version back in day, as I remember it sounding exactly like the Live After Death recording. I have not listened to the Best of the Beast 4LP box set for ages though.
  10. Magnus

    Magnus Ancient Mariner

    Thanks a lot, srfc, didn't know that.
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  11. Zare

    Zare Dream of broken citadels

    @srfc correct, my mind was on the videos when I replied.
  12. srfc

    srfc Educated Fool

    Wasted Years from Germany TV is definitely questionable too LOL !
  13. Perun

    Perun Climbing like a monkey Staff Member

    I know, I just put it in there to see how closely people pay attention. :p
  14. LooseCannon

    LooseCannon Yorktown-class aircraft carrier Staff Member

    I see you're busy at work.
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  15. srfc

    srfc Educated Fool

    You're missing Die with your boots on from Maiden England
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  16. srfc

    srfc Educated Fool

    -Is the version of Sanctuary on the Running Free single identical to Live After Death VHS?

    No (verified against the DVD though). Didn't check through the whole tracks but he definitely sings "but i know how it feels" more elaborate and high pitched on the Running Free 12 inch. Sleeve notes says recorded at Long Beach March 1985

    -What recording of Iron Maiden is on Ed Hunter?

    Live after Death version audio not video

    -When was Murders in the Rue Morgue on the Running Free single recorded?

    It says Hammersmith on the record. There is a bootleg called "Ipswich Murders", but I checked this and it is not the same as the Running Free single.

    -What dates are the individual recordings of the Clive Burr MS Trust Fund gigs (Brixton Academy)?

    It doesn't have dates listed on the cds that I can see

    -Is NOTB from Aces High single really Dortmund 1983?

    Yes, he says "i'll make Dortmund burn"

    -Accurate information on recordings of HBTN and FOTD singles required

    FOTD live is the version on a real live one, not sure what info you need from HBTN, the a-side is Moscow, Trooper is Helsinki, Wasted Years bremen 16th April 1993, wrathchild is helsinki again

    -Where was Afraid to Shoot Strangers with Blaze recorded? Are the versions on BOTB, AATG and VOTB identical?

    The multimedia section of AATG won't play on my PC anymore, software too old I presume, but my memory is it was the same video from VOTB,
    The audio of the video on VOTB is the same as BOTB.
    BOTB lp says 1st nov 1995 Goteborg for the audio, video footage is november 1995 on X factour according to visions of the beast

    -When and where was the live version of Wrathchild on First Ten Years/From There to Eternity/VOTB recorded?

    all are Live at the Rainbow, same audio

    -Is Running Free on The First Ten Years and From There to Eternity live? Identical to Live After Death VHS?

    yes same audio

    Revelations on Best of the Beast LP is Live after Death version, from the audio version, i.e. starts with "nice to see you, to see you, nice"
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  17. srfc

    srfc Educated Fool

    Re: santuary, notice that in the break section before "give me sanctuary" it's a bit different too, he says "hello" on the video version

    here's sanctuary from the single

    here's from the video

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  18. srfc

    srfc Educated Fool

    here's the cover detail for the digital download of Different World
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  19. srfc

    srfc Educated Fool

    also found this bad boy on my hard drive while looking for the different world details

    Attached Files:

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  20. Perun

    Perun Climbing like a monkey Staff Member

    Thanks, mate! That's a lot of beers I owe you... I'll add this information later when I get the time.

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