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'Adrian' looks like him in my opinion, I think he's got a microphone in his face so it obscures part of it, but I can believe it's him. 'Dave' I can't tell but if the source website caption was actually written by Adrian then it must be


^You can rely on Baztac's info generally.

But could it be a mix-up with the other Dave (McLaughlin).
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From Rob Halford facebook:
“order placed for Nicko’s amazing ribs with all the trimmings after the first show plus Nicko showing Ringo how it’s done lol “

Very cool, Maiden and Priest drummers together!
I can see Nicko thinking "ahhhh well, let's try this double bass thing once again". ;)
Look at that face. :)
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Pretty poor line up, the only band I watched other than Maiden was Marilyn Manson and that was just to get in position for Maiden.
It was also the first edition of the festival, so the organisers were probably trying things back then. That being said, there are a good number of bands I would have seen had I been there.



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Was that the year Metallica played in the tent under an assumed name?

Not sure why I didn't see Sepultura? they must have been on close to when Maiden played.