Iron Maiden pictures


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In the good old time we had a thread dedicated to pictures of the band. I'm sure it was pinned once but I can't find it anymore. So I thought I could start a new one.

Let's start with a picture of Bruce


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Maiden touring back in '82.

Someone made a joke everyone seems to like...
..except for Bruce:  :D



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I am enforcing the He Who Must Not Be Named Rule on this thread:

No endless one emoticon posts about how much you love H or Davey or ANYONE.


Gone fishin'

Nicko with some old bloke and this odd fan...

BTW, I did the "moderator thing" on this thread.


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Shall I explain how much I love Bruce or shall I just keep on posting.



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OK, despite being the massive globe trotters that they are (even back then) they still did the tourist bit - obligatory camera around the neck, donning the Walkman and posing for silly photos:

The writing, if you're interested, says:
Ross Halfin said:
"This was just me and the band bored for a couple of hours somewhere in Japan," says Ross. "Needless to say, Rod hated them, but I still think they're funny..."


I've been thinking about getting Ross Halfin's book, but it's a tad pricey. And while I do enjoy picture-browsing, I'm not sure it'd serve much of a purpose in the bookshelf :p

His website is my number-one stop for Maiden-pics though.


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7 September 2002, London's Hammersmith Apollo.

Nicko (congas and Paicey's cymbals), Janick and Bruce joined Deep Purple on stage during Smoke On The Water.