Iron Maiden confirmed on the "Download TV Festival" - June 12-14


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and also Iron Maiden 2007
I didn't noticed before but Dave changed the guitar in the middle of the song.
He did that for a while during Iron Maiden (2005-2007 maybe? Somebody correct me if I'm wrong), seemingly for the sole purpose of being able to use his preferred guitar for the majority of the song, and then bring out the cheap-ish off-the-shelf Fender for throwing around at the end.

e: I appreciate how choreographed it ends up being with Davey throwing his guitar on one side, and Jan doing the same on the other while Bruce stays in the center and Adrian and Steve shelter on the drum riser. Safety first! Whenever one of your lunatic bandmates is throwing his guitar around on stage, be sure to observe proper safe distance.


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I think Dave can't take it any more and it has been the case for a good 10-15 years. But in a quiet, unobtrusive way, just like John Deacon, who can remembered for his cracking up at the end of the Knebworth concert.
Yes, there is a lot to read into here. :p


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The face of Iron Maiden is Eddie, and Nicko McBrain looks the most like Eddie among all the band members by far.

Wasn't this even mentioned by some Maiden-members in the history-documentaries? I think somewhere it was.
The documentaries are great, all the little stories and such and parts where Bruce or anybody imitates Nicko.
Anyways someone that said about the similarities between the two, but yes, Nicko looks bit like Eddie when he plays the drums so furious and open mouth singing along.


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I only spotted it was from 2007 just now but last night I was triggered by the fact Blood Brothers wasn't even the last song in the encore in 2016