Innocent Exile

How good is Innocent Exile on a scale of 1-10?

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Ancient Mariner

The instrumental chorus is an interesting touch and I like how prominent the bass is. Ultimately this is another one of the Killers songs I'd never skip but also wouldn't add to a playlist, though.


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Like most of the rest of the album, this song feels more like a vehicle to showcase the band’s instrumental abilities with the vocal parts being a bit of an afterthought. It seems to have functioned as such in the band’s setlists as well. This song has a cool groove and a 70s prog rock vibe. As is the case with several other Killers songs, the best thing happening here is the guitar leads. Those solos are awesome. 6
Another song on Killers that is among my favorites, this one bring that Led Zeppelin feel to it without being a copy, another energetic and memorable song in my favorite Maiden album.


Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
This song starts out great with a killer bass intro and some soaring guitars, then falls into the “Another Life” one-dimensional rut, switches things up with a lackluster riff, and finally pulls things back with a pretty great instrumental section. The quality is kind of all over the place, but what hurts the song is the fact that it feels like it was crafted to pad the runtime, rather than to actual construct a full, satisfying song. It’s okay, there are some good moments, but again, not a classic Maiden recording. 6/10