Innocent Exile

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'innocent Exile'

I like the song has a sort of a Deep Purple or Zeppelin feeling and the guitar solos are awesome why dont they play this live anymore.
'innocent Exile'

Agreed, sounds quite heavy and reminds me of some 70ies hardrock stuff like early Sabbath. A decent song, but there are better ones on the album.
'innocent Exile'

yeah, this song has a 70's vibe going definitely. But It's not one of the outstanding tracks to me, it's decent but not a classic. 3,5
'innocent Exile'

Two words for this one


This song is fu*king awesome ! The whole Killers album has great, no, GODLY drum lines, but this songs is just an overflow of pure feeling by Mr. Clive. Although it has little lyrics (as for another life) the constant rhythm shifts along with Paul vocals and the killering riffs is just mind blowing ! 6 6 6 stars !!!
Re: 'innocent Exile'

I personally think this as a brilliant song, with lyrics that, like the commentary said relate to Murders in the Rue Morgue, the tone of the singing is like introspection, and the riff is very excellent. And definitely one of the best solo combos in the Killers album.
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Not a bad little rocker, but nothing special. Paul isn't so great on this track, in my opinion, and the bass sounds a little rough too. 5/10.
Re: Daily Song: Innocent Exile

One of the album's lesser songs, but you can see pieces of where the band is going.
Re: Daily Song: Innocent Exile

The first part of the song is nothing special at all, and also not particularly memorable, but the instrumental section rocks quite hard. 6/10.
Re: Daily Song: Innocent Exile

This song has always been a favourite of mine off Killers and I think its because of two things...A - it has quite a midpaced sludgy groove during the verses...B - I really like the way the lyrics repeat in the latter verse. I take that as meaning they liked the way Paul delivered them and didn't need to change up with alternate words.

The first time I heard this song the needle got stuck in the record during the last riff and it kept repeating...turned the song into an 8 minute epic until I noticed.

And for those reasons I give Innocent Exile a 7.
Re: Daily Song: Innocent Exile

It's songs like this that make Killers a bad album for me.  The song isn't very memorable, Paul's voice annoys me, and there are quite simly loads of better songs by Maiden.  A 5.
Re: Daily Song: Innocent Exile

I never really got into this song. The instrumental part is the only reason I'm not giving it a 1.

Re: Daily Song: Innocent Exile

Nah. I don't like the intro very much.  Or the verses either. I just find the guitars irritating. I don't find the instrumental that great. There is a nice riff at 2:15 I guess but it isn't cool enough to be repeated as much as it is. 2/10
Re: Daily Song: Innocent Exile

My fave on the album. An incredible groove that gets totally mad when played live. The solos are some of the best back to back by Davey and H. 10 and it's not enough!!! :edmetal:
Re: Daily Song: Innocent Exile

There's a seventies feel to this song, and the groove is quite nice.

Now the less positive part: It doesn't sound much like Maiden, any other band could have made something like this. Too ordinary, too repetitive. Very logical that the song was dropped when Beast came out, and logical that it never returned. It lacks something special, at least it lacks enough variation to have a higher grade than a 6.
A good riff is cool, but the lack of a catchy melody and the lack of suspense isn't.
The song has its moments, but as other says - not among the greater of the album. I'll be nice and give a 7, I was close to giving it 6.
The song is decent, but not good enough to withstand that much repetition.  Di'Anno does not sound as good on this song as on other material. 6/10.