If the current Iron Maiden line-up would record an album with....


Ancient Mariner
...one track of each Maiden album that this same line-up did not play on, which songs would you want them to select, and in which order should they appear on the album?

In other words: Name one track of each of the Maiden albums which were released from 1980-1998 and make a tracklist of it (in total 11 songs).

I would like such an idea very much, they could do this as (a) bonus disc(s), coming with their final goodbye album.

I won't post my list right now and give it more time to think about it.
Thanks for contributing, I am curious for your ideas!  :ok:


Wasted Years
Killers (I doubt you can make it any better than it already is, but you could give it a shot)
Flight Of Icarus (Heavier, faster)
No Prayer For The Dying (Pretty much perfect the way it is, but I wonder what it would sound like with clean vocals)
The Aftermath (I imagine Bruce could be good on this one)
Powerslave (Maybe with Janick adding something of his own in the instrumental section?)
Childhood's End (I'd LOVE to hear that with a proper production)
The Educated Fool (Not sure, but I think Bruce could pull this one off as well)
The Evil That Men Do
Hallowed Be Thy Name


Ancient Mariner
Phantom of the Opera
Afraid to Shoot Strangers
Alexander the Great
No Prayer for the Dying
Lord of the Flies
Rime of the Ancient Mariner

I chose Rime, No Prayer, Alex, Phantom, and Afraid because I'd like to hear the effect of three guitars on them.  Moonchild I chose because I want to hear how Bruce makes it sound 20 years older (the best part of the song is, IMO, Bruce's vocals).  I chose Revelations because I'd like to see them fit one more guitar in there (so that Janick and Bruce could both play), and so that they could play a guadruple solo.  :okok:  Lord of the Flies, Killers, and Futureal because I've heard Bruce sing them live and I think they suit Bruce's voice pretty well.  And Invaders I chose just because it's a good song and no one else will anyway. :p

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One song from each 1980-1998 album? OK, I'll try:

IM -  Phantom Of The Opera, never liked Paul's vocals on this one.
K - Wrathchild (same reason as POTO)
TNOTB - Nothing. Every song is perfect as it is. Maybe The Prisoner, just for the sake of hearing it with 3 guitars.
POM - Revelations (original version is too slow)
P - Nothing. Every song is perfect as it is. Maybe Flash Of The Blade, just for the sake of hearing it with 3 guitars.
SIT - Nothing. Every song is perfect as it is. Maybe Caught Somewhere In Time, just for the sake of hearing it with 3 guitars.
SSOASS - Only The Good Die Young, with a twist. Instead of ending the song with Dave's solo, give Janick his own solo and then finish the song with a huge choir singing the chorus one last time.
NPFTD - No Prayer For The Dying, replace all the keyboards with guitar melodies.
FOTD - Songs I like are good as they are, songs I don't like would still be bad.
TXF - Lord Of The Flies, with Bruce singing the chorus like he did on Death On The Road.
VXI - The Angel & The Gambler, shortened to about 4 minutes.


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I don't think the new versions have to be better. Rather different. And they have to sound different because this line-up is different. You'll see I throw up some ideas, but it's cooler if I would not know what the band would do with these songs of course. Let them surprise me.

I go for:

1. Mother Russia. I am curious to see how Bruce would sound on it, these days.
2. Total Eclipse. Hope a re-recording would motivate the guys to play it live again.
3. The Prophecy. Not the best song, but surely one suited for studio exploration. Jan might come up with an extra fitting lick.
4. Quest For Fire. With alternate lyrics to please the haters. ;-)
5. Transylvania Extended version and the harmonies surely might sound nice with three guitars).
6. The Clansman. Love to hear a well prepared studio version of this one, with a role for all three guitars, also in the calm parts. Live the calm guitars are quite soft, and I even think H lays out on most of these parts. Not now.
7. The Duellists. Lots of room for mayhem.
8. Purgatory. Tough for Nicko, but I am curious to see what the Three Amigos would come up with.

NightProwler666 said:
NPFTD - No Prayer For The Dying, replace all the keyboards with guitar melodies.
Sounds interesting. Let them try this with 9. The Fugitive.

10. Blood on the World's Hands with an extra down tuned Smith guitar.
11. Alexander the Great. Adrian can work for days on his solos and even could let Janick do one or two.


1. Flight of Icarus Like someone else said, faster and heavier.
2. Back in the Village Pretty much the only thing on Powerslave I haven't heard enough or want to hear differently.
3. Sea of Madness This would be the most interesting song to rehear off SIT.
4. Revelations Sped up, with three guitars?  I think so.
5. Run Silent, Run Deep With Bruce's improved vocals today and better production, this could sound amazing.
6. Phantom of the Opera I would really love to hear a clean sounding studio version of this, and three guitars would sound awesome.
7. Innocent Exile Mainly because it would be interesting to hear what they'd do with it.
8. The Clairvoyant Would be refreshing to hear without muddled production.
9. The Edge of Darkness This with fuller production would be great, would be interesting to hear how Bruce handles it.
10. The Angel and the Gambler Cut down to four minutes, I think Bruce could sound great.  Would end the disc on a upbeat note.

I have nothing for NOTB.


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I don't think sped up Revelations would work like it does now. Especially in calm clean parts, but it would be interesting to hear ..  :huh:


mtmccox said:
I don't think sped up Revelations would work like it does now. Esecially in calm clean parts, but it would be interesting to hear ..  :huh:
Not fully sped up, just like it is on live versions.


they do not have to re-record them, they should do one CD with the newest live verison of old songs, lets  take all songs from IM album and put them to one CD, phantom, prowler etc, from ullevi 2005, wrath from rio, killers from 99 tour, murder from rock am ring 2005, lets to this with every song from 1980 to 1998


Would prefer studio versions, but I'd also be all for the most recent live tracks idea, as long as the tracks were:

1) Strange World -- some of the more psychedelic parts of Starblind make me think this would be cool
2) Prodigal Son -- really want to hear Bruce on this track
3) The Prisoner -- I think this bluesier song matches Janick's style
4) To Tame a Land -- Three guitars would destroy!
5) The Duellists -- we just got nice versions of half of Powerslave on Flight 666
6) Sea of Madness -- just because
7) Only the Good Die Young -- very under-rated song
8) Run Silent, Run Deep -- only song from No Prayer that I like enough
9) Afraid to Shoot Strangers -- More cowbell Adrian
10) Edge of Darkness -- Bruce on vocal and see #9
11) Angel and the Gambler (and please let it be the edited version) -- see #10


oooo, this is a good one. I'd say:

IM -  Phantom Of The Opera - this might make the song awesome with Bruce's vocals.
K - Genghis Khan. This would be a wall of sound with the current lineup and even heavier than the original. And, best of all, it wouldn't sound like it came from the early 80s in terms of production.
TNOTB - I agree with others on this that the Prisoner (one of my fav songs anyway) would be perfect. The solos are some of my favs as well
POM - Nope, not Revelations (perfect as it is), but Sun and Steel, which I think would gallop even better with the 3 guitars. I would have loved to chosen Still Life, but I don't think Bruce can sing it that well anymore.
Powerslave - Flash Of The Blade, definitely.
SIT - Sea of Madness - same reason as Sun and Steel, the driving power of the current lineup would obliterate my ears and conquer my soul.
SSOASS - The Clairvoyant. To me, the song is a guitar battle, as well as being Maiden's finest short song. As in my "Maiden farewell concert," I'd end the show with it.
NPFTD - Run Silent, Run Deep. Think it would be fabulous. Best song IMHO on NPFTD.
FOTD - Here to Eternity, with extended solos, especially Janick's crying guitar.
TXF - Lord Of The Flies
VXI - Angel and the Gambler, shortened version.


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1) Phantom of the Opera - I always wanted to hear a heavier studio version of this little one.
2) Killers - Because this one would be a... killer.
3) Hallowed be thy Name - The final section with three guitars would be great.
4) Where Eagles Dare - Yeah, the guns echoing in the valley
5) Rime of the Ancient Mariner - This one is perfect, but i'm curious.  
6) Alexander the Great - The final section...
7) SSoSS - Heavier would be great.
8 ) Run Silent, Run Deep - This one could be great too.
9) Fear of the Dark - I'm curious, with three guitars (maybe an extra solo ).
10)Sign of the Cross - Little faster.
11)The Clansman - Curious of Bruce's perfomance.


All of the lists are interesting and no doubt any songs they choose would be great to hear. Of course Maiden would never do this because they don't want to be a "cabaret act." The one time they did do it (two really Prowler '88 and Charlotte the Harlot '88) the results were a bit disappointing.


Out of the Silent Planet
1) Iron Maiden - we have to have a studio version of that song with Bruce. The production would be a lot better too.
2) Killers - Bruce sings this song great live.... and I want to hear the intro screams by him.
3) Invaders - rewrite that meh chorus. Everything other is great.
4) Sun And Steel - longer instrumental section + add a second solo.... thus not repeating the chorus a lot in such a short song.
5) Losfer Words (Big 'Orra) - write a new song (not an instrumental) around the melodies & riffs of the original one.
6) Sea Of Madness - the middle calm part to last longer and the song to end with a long solo.
7) Can I Play With Madness - just want to hear the original version of that song.... the ballad called ''On The Wings Of Eagles''.
8) Hooks In You - I want to hear Adrian play on his only 90's era song for Maiden.
9) Weekend Warrior - rewrite the song with better verses/pre-chorus and more of a metal feel to it. And of course, because of the brutal solos.
10) Lord Of The Flies - Bruce to did the chorus with high pitched voice like in Death On The Road.
11) The Angel And The Gambler - short version with both solos + another verse after them.


Ancient Mariner
I think this would be the most probable scenario for a re recordings album (like Testament did in First Strike Still Deadly). First I would down tune the whole thing to D. Then it would be based on more popular songs. Of course there would also be some new 3 guitar arrangements. So here it goes:
  1. Phantom Of The Opera
  2. Wrathchild
  3. The Number Of The Beast
  4. The Trooper
  5. Powerslave
  6. Wasted Years
  7. Can I Play With Madness?
  8. Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter
  9. Fear Of The Dark
  10. Sign Of The Cross
  11. The Clansman
Now if it was the songs I would really liked to listen to re recorded with some updates it would something like this:
  1. Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner - because it would simply give an awesome opener
  2. Still Life - another great track rarely played.
  3. Fortunes Of War - always wished to listen to Bruce singing this one.
  4. Purgatory - Bruce only sang this one during his presentation concerts. The few recordings of it are superb.
  5. Afraid To Shoot Strangers (symphonic version) - an orchestral version of this great track would be excellent.
  6. Futureal - another great short song.
  7. The Prophecy (acoustic version) - it just asks for it!
  8. Losfer Words (Big 'Orra) - the 3 guitar combo would do wonders on this one.
  9. Invaders (reworked) - skip that horrible chorus once and for all and finally give us an integrally great version of it.
  10. Strange World - never heard Bruce singing this one also.
  11. Mother Russia (orchestral extended version) - good orchestral treatment and a few more solos and a longer final stretch would be top notch on this one.
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No Prayer For The Dying (Pretty much perfect the way it is, but I wonder what it would sound like with clean vocals)

I'm quoting a 15 year old non account.
But what the fuck does this mean, clean vocals? NPFTD bashers are insane


Ancient Mariner
An album with 8 songs like in the beginnings:
Production: Kevin Shirley (not allowing Steve enter to mixing desk)

Side 1.
1. Be quick or be dead (with Adrian for the very first time)
2. Sea of Madness (maybe Janick could play synths and make some little arrangements in the middle part)
3. Killers (I liked how Bruce sung this one and maybe Janick could make the harmonics and a wild guitar solo)
4. The Fugitive (with Adrian making the riff even stronger)

Side 2.
5. The Duellist (Janick could make a third guitar solo)
6. Back in the Village (fast song and with three guitars could sound awesome)
7. When Two Worlds Collide (This one could be more interesting with three guitar players and sound good with Bruce on vocals)
8. The Unbeliever (with Bruce vocals and Adrian's guitar tone would sound very cool)

Japanese edition with 2 extra tracks.
* Hooks in You (Adrian deserves to play his unplayed creation)
* Prodigal Son (Janick making acoustic stuff and Adrian playing his awesome solo)

Well…I've been read the rules again and I noticed that it's about to name one song per album since 1980 to 1998 so…maybe the album is going to be a double one.

Side 1.
1. Be quick or be dead
2. Sea of Madness
3. Killers

Side 2.
4. Back in the Village
5. When Two Worlds Collide
6. The Unbeliever

Side 3.
7. Gangland
8. Sun and Steel
9. Only the Good Die Young

Side 4.
10. Hooks in You
11. Sanctuary
12. Listen with Rod :lol:
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ok then

1. The Ides Of March (with the ThunderburstAaaa Aaaa” "lyrics", celebrating Brucie’s time with Samson, and giving him a chance to participate)
2. Judas Be My Guide (always liked H’s solos on Davie’s songs)
3. Fates Warning*
4. Transylvania (with Den’s original lyrics - again giving Brucie a chance to participate without ruining a song with Paul)
5. Caught Somewhere In Time (an obvious choice, considering it’s an album of re-recordings after all)
6. Powerslave (that one time when Brucie single-handedly created a Maiden masterpiece)
7. Sign Of The Cross (only listenable song from that album)
8. Dune (a.k.a. To Tame A Land, disregarding F. H. with a vengeance)
9. The Clansman (only listenable song from that album too)
10. Hallowed Be Thy Name (celebrating Beckett**)
11. Only The Good Die Young (chaotic solo by Janick near the end)

* Or better, The Assassin, with title changed to Cthulhu (and new lyrics obviously, although this can, and will, never happen) - yet if it could, move Cthulhu to track two. If not, see above.
** And Rod. Anything in Rod's name.