Iced Earth


Ancient Mariner
For anyone interested:

The tracklisting has been altered btw:

Looks awesome, wish I had the money for it.
Anybody here who bought it? I'd love a copy, but I want to know how it sounds. The shitty rip found on youtube with IGD distortion everywhere isn't something I'd want to judge it by. If it sounds remotely like that, distortion aside, I think I prefer the original release anyway and save my money. Far too little low end meat on the youtube rip. Especially for the low end chug.
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Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
I'm glad someone else said it. When I'm in the mood for him, he's great, and Burnt Offerings will always be there top album, but a lot of the time he sounds really whiny and cringy and it bugs me.
Wiz was parodying my thoughts on Barlow from last year.


Ancient Mariner
Bought Alive in Athens at 20% discount. The vinyl hoarder in me was left defenseless. Also bought Framing Armageddon 2x LP and I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of these two great pieces of music. I hope AiA turns out well and not like the shitty rip posted on youtube.