Help needed: Searching for the guitar effect as heard in the attached video (John Petrucci)

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Maybe somebody can help me.
Please check out the attached short video clip in which John Petrucci explains his signature Wah pedal. To start with: The Wah is NOT what my question is all about. I already have it and I'm really happy with it. Also there is a rich and wide digital Chorus to be heard in his sound, and I'm also referring my question NOT to that Chorus effect.
There is a different thing that can be heard rather subtle but overall in his sound. It's hard to explain, but I try: He obviously uses some guitar effect that adds different "layers" of various frequencies to his sound, so his distorted tone comes along very, very three dimensional. It's really not easy to explain, but maybe you get what I mean. There is a lot of richness added to his distortion, his tone is full of brilliance and has kind of a shimmer of highs and upper mid frequencies to it. His tone sounds like every single note is on the edge of tipping into its own overtone and its natural feedback, but just ALMOST. When he lets those chords ring out it feels and sounds a bit like they "glow after" and live on their own. Very exciting, very lively. Any idea what pedal is capable of creating such tone? Or maybe anybody knows what exact pedal he uses to create this kind of sound? It's to be heard all throughout the clip, but on a most obvious level especially between 0:33 and 0:37 sec.
Thank you for your help!!! :blush:

(Quite possible the pedal I'm searching for is also the one that does even the Chorus sound, so it might all come from one and the same device. But I'm not sure.)
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I think the answer is his Mesa Boogie amps. He has said that when playing through a Mesa with distortion, it’s as if each string is distorted separately from each other, retaining cleanliness even when the amp is roaring. Which is probably not technically accurate but more of an explanation of sound character. And the wah pedal obviously adds information in the high mids as well. He uses a Mesa Boogie JP-2C nowadays, but he’s used Mark 2C+, Mark IV, Mark V and Rectifier in the past.