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It's OK but not something I'll be listening to a whole lot in the future. When it comes to power metal, new Powerwolf album slays Helloween this year.


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A couple of months later - How do you guys think the latest record holds up? As for me, I don't spin it as much, but I stand by my initial assessment that this is a really, really good record. It is definitely the best since The Dark Ride for me. The average song quality is very high, but it does lack a song of "Keeper of the 7 keys", "Eagle Fly Free" or "I Want Out" level of quality, although I think Mass Pollution comes rather close. It's the top album highlight for me.
The album is good. Agree about ''Mass Pollution'' - I will add ''Fear Of The Fallen'' too. The great epic ''Skyfall'' and the song that screams HELLOWEEN, ''Indestructible''. I mostly listen to these four classics (+ Pumpkins United).


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I have trouble with listening to the whole album. But I have that with Helloween releases in the last 20 years.
In this case, some hard to bear vocal work by Kiske spoils the pleasure. Deris has been doing very well, I'm glad he is still in the band.
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Surprisingly the new album ranks quite low in my Helloween rankings, at least so far. It's lacking real standouts. The only songs that I often keep returning to are Best Times and Cyanide. If Golden Times and Save My Hide were included instead of Robot King and Down in the Dumps the album would be a lot better.


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Anybody heard a new live album from Gamma Ray with new co-singer and with Ralph as guest on few songs?

Only 14 songs and 90 min.of music, a not too much for Anniversary concert.


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I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, but “Avalon” sounded pretty good. I’m hoping they’ll release a standalone Blu-Ray at some point.