Happy Birthday to Bruce Dickinson!


Just wanted to mention that it is Bruce Dickinson's 54th birthday today, and wish you a happy one! One of my biggest inspirations of all time, this man is just absolutely incredible.

Happy birthday Bruce Dickinson!

Moon Child

Ancient Mariner
That came as a bit of a surprise. I knew his birthday was coming up this
month but didn't realize it was today already. Happy Birthday Bruce! You're an
awesome guy with an amazing voice. Keep doing what you're doing! We love you
for it! :)


54! Wow. I saw them perform a couple weeks ago and Bruce ran, jumped, sang, and screamed for 2 hours better than most people half his age could ever do. The guy not only keeps himself in good shape, but he must be some kind of freak of nature to boot.

Travis The Dragon

"Here's another fine mess you've gotten me into"
To the GOD of vocals!:

Ray K.

Happy Birthday! Wishing Mr. D all the best. He's given us a lot of joy through the years. Hope he gets it back tenfold.


Educated Fool
Happy Birthday Bruce! May you keep performing to the high standards we've all come to expect for many years to come.