Hall of fame/shame nominations!

That couldn't be much worse than Bush/Cheney.  One that doesn't seem to get it, the other one that wants to kick every one's ass.
while the entire posts are worth putting here, the "punchline" is priceless :D

Perun said:
An oppressed majority declares its independence.




Perun said:
And the people of Kosovo declared their independence.



Deano said:
Damn right! and lick the syrup off her ......  never mind.

That whole conversation was classic! I saw it in The Legacy thread a few minutes ago  :p

...To make up for my own post before  :ok:
national acrobat said:
Sixteen... I am asking you (not in a rude tone either), why the fuck is this relevant?

You're right, it's totally an elephant.

In substitute for a post by I think Child of the Grave where he said his peers keep beating him up and that's the reason why he never leaves his house. Alas, this particular thread was moved to the Madness forum, and the Internet Archives can't seem to help me either.
Kynisk Sokol said:

Anyways, the only use I could see for laser pointers are to make it easier to shoot the morons who use them. Oh, the irony. Just another example of all the useless wank people buy today along with singing plastic fish (it's only remotely funny the fifty times, people). More garbage for the landfill! As if it wasn't big enough.

I know, I'm ranting.

Another LC gem:

Look at the left hand column under my name.  Then click praise.  Repeat this daily.

Do you create accounts just to set yourself up for these things?  :lol:
Maybe we should just change the name of this thread to LC's posts......

Which ones?  The Philips CD-i games or ones like Link's Crossbow Training?

I'm fucking hardcore.

Only in a Zelda conversation, only in a Zelda coversation.....

hahahahahahahahaha  :lol:
this be epic thread...