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thousand_suns said:
Music that I listen - Heavy metal and just ordinary rock
Music that I don't listen - Many, including black metal
Why did I include black metal? Because its songs do not just promote Devil worship but also its incomprehensible lyrics and extremely fast music.

Really. This is a Hall of Fame post!  :p

Repost Hall of Fame posts, and LET MADNESS REIGN!
Re: Hall of fame/shame posts

no way man !! I was viewing _suns posts this afternoon, and thinking to do a thread like this one  :ok:
particularly, it was your quoted post that gave the feeling to do it  :eek:

well I have some posts to recall  :D

Albie : the prophecy, 05/Feb/2008

Albie : *I* had a laugh out of this, 12/Oct/2007

no5 : the birth of the 3 musketeers, 01/Aug/2007

no5 & Albie : the first go up image ever & Albie givin this a name , 15/Jul/2007


Albie : this is not a fail (painful post  :D  :dead:) 07/Jul/2007 --->the day of the 7th son : 07/07/2007

no5 : my first post EVER in 100k, 17/Jan/2007 godness Powergirl's Holy Birthfay  :notworthy:

well enough for today, unfortunately it was consisting just from Albie's and yours
more diamonds and from other posters coming soon !!  :D
Re: Hall of fame/shame posts

I thought there was already a hall of fame/shame thread started by LC....
Re: Hall of fame/shame posts

Onhell said:
I thought there was already a hall of fame/shame thread started by LC....

deleted as many others* by RW  :(

*we know who they are
Re: Hall of fame/shame posts

Please, please, give us more thousand_suns posts!  :lol:

This is my first post in the almighty 100k thread:
Powergirl81 on June 18 said:
I have seen this before...one night long ago, like 3 months ago or so, I was looking for H stuff on the internet, and this came up on the search engine! I was looking for how he got that nickname H, I wonder if the band calls him that, or just Adrian?

One last question...this is being pretty observant...H's wedding band looks like it's either silver or platinum...do you think his wife has a gold wedding band? (Silver and Gold)? 

Sorry...hope that's allowed... 
I was such a n00b back then!  :lol:

EDIT: That whole page was pretty good. Page 189. http://forum.maidenfans.com/index.php?topic=193.5640

I can tell you that our moderator LooseCannon posted first WAY BACK on page 59 or 60!  :p Not sure if he was even a mod back then...like, 2004 or something
Re: Hall of fame/shame posts

why don't to link it like this ?? it goes directly to the mentioned post

by the way, the page of your appearence is an AWESOME page !! LOL

I was there but, and wasn't that funny to me then, but now I see it quickly the replies one after another
I find it quite interesting and intelligent page !!

I LOVE where LC says SILENCE  :lol:
but I remember that day back, I found it it less amusing I'm a bit of sure about that  :S

anyway, thank's for that tip !! I didn't knew that *that day* was your first
Re: Hall of fame/shame posts

Yeah, we were pretty upset when it got deleted.  So.  I am gonna pin this, and alter the name of the thread.

You may nominate posts here.
We should set up rules, for example (Sorry PG), but we shouldn't nominate ourselves whether for fame or shame. I don't know what other restrictions/regulations could be set, but I think that one should be a given.
I like your idea Deano, you should put links up to that. What other features can you use? I like all of you!

Prance.. erh I mean Onhell :p

I too think that is a good idea. By the way my name is Prance, I mean Deano and live in Australia and love to meet new people. If you would like to talk to me can you please tell how me how to access the chat room. I would love to talk to you all.


Onhell said:
We should set up rules, for example (Sorry PG), but we shouldn't nominate ourselves whether for fame or shame.

I'm not sure if that's a rule or just common sense...
thousand_suns said:
Which Maiden song created by the Gers/ Dickinson/ Harris trio is your favourite?
Vote now. Then explain.
Now, this may not seem as a Hall of Fame/Shame post. But I thought I'd nominate it still, since I find it rather amusing that thousand_suns told others to explain their votes, when he never ever did so himself  :p.

edit: I'll add this as well. Sooo funny.

thousand_suns said:
Flight of Icarus will be the song with the highest note of my choice. Maybe nobody (including myself) can imitate Dickinson saying the long "Fly" and his own scream at the end of that song. 

Whaaat? Aren't you one of the greatest singers ever thousand_suns? I am chocked...  :innocent:
Time for this old chestnut again (I think I posted this in the other hall of fame posts thread):

azap said:

I saw it on ebay, and it's exactly what I wanted (white logo on black) so I bought it now immediately.

Then I noticed the E and the Ns :(

I'm trying to decide whether or not I should still wear it  :(

national acrobat said:
I had a T-shirt that looked just like that one. I sold it on eBay to some idiot a few days ago.

Oh wait....  ::
Perun, he's American, have pity on him ;)

Perun said:
I'm not having pity on you for being a Brit, am I? :p

Conor said:
Sic 'im Silky :p

Perun said:

Live with it! :p

Conor said:

I still don't know whether this is one of Conors many attempts at being funny, or one of his equally many demonstrations of his limited knowledge of geography.
Albie said:
Post count?

Warning - while you were typing 99 new replies have been posted. You may wish to review your post.

Eat that no5. :D

I nominate this for "Hall of Fame", and defy anyone to beat that!  Good one Albie!!
Black Ace said:
Winston Churchill sayd "democracy si the worst form of gouverment, except for the ones that have already been tested out. 'Nuff said

That kinda brought a smile to my face.

And this classic again:

Still Life said:
Well, I just got kicked out of my house, and this is my official last post. I never thought I would get kicked out of the house before I turned 16, but hey, shit happens. I just wanted to tell you guys that while I was here, I had alot of fun, and I also learned alot of cool shit. I think all of you guys are awesome and just wanted you guys to know why I wont be posting anymore. You bastards mean alot to me and Im gonna miss all of ya.  [span style=\'color:red\']MAIDEN FAN FOR LIFE!!!![/span]

Still Life said:
Well, great news, I talked things out with my mom, and she is letting me stay. She was really pissed, but after discussing some shit, and getting things cleared up, this is my home again. So now I annouce my triumphant return to maidenfans. It was scarey there for a while though. But I am glad to be back, and even though I wasnt gone long, I missed this place.
I'm confused, did Churchill actually mention the words 'Nuff said? :huh:

See, that is what you get for not using even the simplest rules of grammar. If I can go that extra yard, then so can anyone else. :D
I'm still laughing at the "except for the ones that have already been tested out."  So, apparently there are forms of Democracy that are 'bad' and haven't been tested out.  Wonder what they could be...maybe where you can only vote til you are the age of 18?  That could be a spooky form of democracy.