Guess The Iron Maiden Song! [SPOILER-FREE]


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Interesting but have to try something:

The Alchemist

Clue 1: Malmsteen had one less
Four headed dragon for the four degrees of fire
Purify the insane, bring the solution ever higher

Part of the lyrics of the Bruce Dickinson song The Alchemist. On the cover of Yngwie Malmsteen´s Trilogy album there's a three headed dragon.

Clue 2: Recycling time!
On Bruce´s The Chemical Wedding album appears a song with the same name as the one on The Final Frontier. Steve must love Bruce titles... (hence The Wicker Man)

Clue 3: This song has never been played live

Clue 4: 13:00 = London Calling
London Calling is an album of The Clash.
If you´d play it (for instance) at 13:00 that would be like "The Clash time". That´s an anagram for The Alchemist.

Clue 5: In the lyrics you´ll find song titles of Dream Theater, Ozzy, Queensryche and Riot
I shame the mirror in my sight
Now the black rain on my house, the timbers burning
My dreams of empire from my frozen queen
A plague of wonders, on your knees beside me

Your turn! :)


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@MindRuler I thought that you meant Ozzy's song "Dee" on his debut album, Blizzard Of Ozz. As the lyrics to "The Alchemist" say: I am Dr. Dee
Anyways, "Dee" is nice little instrumental acoustic track written and performed by Ozzy's guitarist Randy Rhoads. He wrote it for his mother, Delores.
Think I was lucky just browsed the song and connected few dots and so.
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Clue 1. Trace your way to 1958
Clue 2. This has been played live, not regular as it was only played on one tour but it got one more bonus performance later. Similar to the song title, same titled album was released in 1986 by english post-punk band.

Incorrect guesses: Wasted Years, Deja Vu, The Time Machine