Guess the altered Iron Maiden songtitle


The dotage of a dotard
Time's up!

Picture Clue:
Extra Clue #1: The modified song title replaces three words from the original title

Extra Clue #2: Three of the words in @MindRuler ’s second guess were correct, and in the correct positions

Extra Clue #3: Every word in the modified song title matches or rhymes with the same word in the original title, except for the final word

Extra Clue #4: The last two words of the modified song title together describe a place, and the second-to-last word of the modified song title can be either a noun or a verb

Incorrect guesses: When The Lager Runs Deep, The Rehabilitation Of Charles Babbage, Drink Your Lager... To The Counter, Servers In The Room Burp, Counters In The Room Burp, Servers In The Wrong Room, Servers In The Brew Draught, Servers In The Blue Draught