GREATEST METAL ALBUM CUP - Winner: Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son!

Wingman is the most generic forum member then.

That would be one way of looking at it, or maybe he is the member we all aspire to be?

I nominated 12 of those albums, and the only ones I don't have are Dirt (I did have this on a copied tape back in the day though), Metropolis Pt 2: Scenes From a Memory and Art of War.

Not sure how I have Images and Words, somehow I have 4 Dream Theatre albums even though I don't like them, someone must have been selling me a job lot of albums for a nice price back in the day.
The only albums that I have actually heard are Accept and Sunn O))). The only band that I actively listen to are Accept.
Some votes are based on the songs posted and some on a touch more listening.

Sunn O))) vs Korn
I've seen this Sunn O album on several Best Metal Album lists and I've tried it a couple of times. It's horse shit but it gets my vote because of Korns image alone. And their music. Best In Show - Sun Oh

Deafhaven vs Death

Fuck me, that Deafhaven song is utter garbage. I really dislike that Death song, it keeps comin up on random metal playlists on Spotify and I skip it every time but Death gets my vote because I have an inkling that they may have a song or 2 that I would enjoy; not so Deafhaven. Least Painful - Death

X Japan vs Evanescence

The X Japan song posted was so bad I thought I would check out the album. Some great rockin tunes on there. This Evanescence album was one of the metalist things that I could get played in my first university house and it was played a lot (by others). Fond memories and I haven't heard most of these songs in neigh on 20 years. Still, I will never choose to put this album on again whereas Blue Blood may get another run sometime. Interest Piqued by - X Japan

Accept vs Morbid Angel

I gave Morbid Angel a shot, I really did. Death Metal (if thats what they are) really isn't for me. Accept are class. Total walkover. Best Band In The Round - Accept
I remember when that Deafheaven album came out, it was really popular among people at my high school who didn’t listen to Metal (they were cool folks and good musicians, but from a totally different musical background). Most metal circles I’ve run into either aren’t aware of it or strongly dislike it, which seems to be the case here. It doesn’t stand a chance against a tried and true Metal classic. That being said, I think it will probably continue to be praised and eventually heralded as a classic by those outside of the Metal communities.

Personally I think it has some interesting qualities, but it’s more alternative rock with screaming than it is metal. It’s also not as novel as people make it out to be. Check out Alcest for an earlier (and better) version of “blackgaze.”
A question, @LooseCannon, if you don't mind:
When saying "Please explain your reasoning" you meant this is compulsory, or one can vote without providing any explanations? Thank you.
When saying "Please explain your reasoning" you meant this is compulsory, or one can vote without providing any explanations? Thank you.
Vote without explaining if you feel like it, it's more that if you are being ridiculous I am 100% in favour of it and I want to support you.
I don't particularly love ANY of these albums, but I loathe Korn and Deafheaven, so those votes were easy. So was Accept over nearly any death metal band. (That said, I nominated At the Gates, so whatever, I'm inconsistent.) The closest choice was between Evanescence and X Japan, and I voted for the latter just because they have better potential, and the power ballad LC chose for the video is cheesy and amusing. After voting and I saw the results, it appears Evanescence will advance. Which is fine, they are fine.
I just want to add: of all the lists used to pick the albums in this game, the DigitalDreamDoor list most closely matched my tastes and preferences. By a LOT. I have no idea who curates that list, but I think I would get along with them very well.