Prince of the Final Frontier
Listening to Three Sides Live and it reminded me that this was my first Genesis LP to buy as a new release. I was already familiar with Abacab, Man on the Corner, and Turn It On Again from MTV, and I love live albums so I bought this. I enjoyed the performances but was VERY disappointed in the packaging. The stamps on the front and back were meant to invoke a bootleg look, but they went too far. The gatefold was a live photo where none of the band members were discernable and the inner sleeves were plain paper. Pathetic. Did not learn a thing about the band or the songs. Was curious which album each song was from and which ones were old or new (this was years before the internet). Had to find this out on my own later.

Guess I was spoiled by the great packaging job Rush did on All the World's A Stage. It was almost like a mini tour program. Besides the many photos, it had a list of the studio albums up to that point with the songs listed. But then, on the next live album, Exit...Stage Left, Rush, on the inside at least, slacked off. The inner sleeves were plain paper and the gatefold was just a photo of each member of the band which you (purposefully) could not make out their face. Had some credits too. Sad. (Great performance though)

Imo thats what made Rush for me as an early fan. They just seemed a bit more mysterious and esoteric.


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Bought a vinyl copy of TLLDOB from Amazon which just arrived. Wanted to study the packaging of such a great concept LP. The long story Peter tells takes up most of the gatefold; just a small amount of credits. The inner sleeves both print the lyrics. Cool to see where the divisions are lyrically on The Colony of Slipperman.


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Does anyone else think the subject matter in Ripples & Duchess are the same (someone in their older years who is no longer as good or popular as they used to be)?

Metal Warrior 330

Ancient Mariner
A Trick of the Tail is a good one to start with. If you like the proggy elements you can work your way backwards and try the Gabriel stuff (I recommend Selling England By the Pound to start) and if you like the poppier side you can try the 80s stuff (Invisible Touch for this).
Those are great albums and I also recommend Foxtrot, Wind & Wuthering and Duke