Gates of Tomorrow

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How good is Gates of Tomorrow on a scale of 1-10?

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Another track i haven't really understood the criticism for. The only problem I have with it is the riff that is almost copied right away from Lord Of The Flies (and isn't that good to begin with).
The verse is cool with the double layered vocals. The pre chorus and chorus are huge, I think they are really strong! Absolutely one of my favorite pre choruses!
Janicks kills it (in a good way) with his guitar solo!

Gates Of Tomorrow is this albums Fallen Angel to me, the underrated rocker that deserves more praise then it gets. It isn't as flawless as that track thou, so I give it a 7.

Super-cool intro with a plucked guitar-riff (similar to "Lord of the Flies" only in choice of technique to play it...). The verse is a bit weak (I don't like the double-layered vocals or the lyrics) but the chorus is good. Harmonies are excellent and the solo is awesome - I especially like the harmony part that comes in in the middle of it. It makes it stand out as a real highlight of their entire catalogue for me.

I love love love this song.

I always thought it was a song about struggling with your faith. You ultimately believe it and you can see the "gates of tomorrow" a metephor for what your religion promises you. It's someone who wants to walk the narrow road, but they're having a hard time sticking to it. The web they are trapped in is their conviction to follow their faith. They can't quite let it go, they want the earthly delights, but they don't at the same time, so they are torn. Maybe they count the threads reminding themselves of what aspects of their faith is strong and what they want to keep. They remind themselves why the haven't strayed off the path up till that point.

Ultimately they have to make their own decision about what path to take. There isn't a God who can save someone who doesn't make up their mind what way they want to go.

Can't help wondering if someone is trying to temp them off the path too, showing them some alternative "gates of tomorrow". Someone telling them the are just being a slave to dead prophets and they're as well going off and doing their own thing.
As a developing Maidenfan this was usually the point of the album at the end of my attention span. So there's less nostalgia associated with the rest of the album for me.

Anyway, this song isn't bad but it does seem like the definition of filler. I find the verses extremely annoying, with the vocal melody sung in octaves and the doubled guitar melody. It's just too much for a meh melody. The pre chorus is probably the best thing about it, the chorus itself is OK but begins to overstay its welcome when the harmonies start to get involved. I'm really glad they've moved away from the vocal harmonies. I like vocal harmonies a lot when it's different singers, but something about hearing the same singer do harmonies can often come off as bland.

Some cool guitar harmonies, but overall this is just Maiden going through the motions. I think leaving it off the album would've really improved the overall flow.

The worst intro and verse section since XFactor. Chorus isn't much better and even the solos are a mess. What was the point if including this on the album?


The intro to Gates of Tomorrow recalls Lord of the Flies, with a stuttering chord pattern courtesy of Janick Gers. Like Montsegur, this song has a distractingly terrible vocal section. The first verse is just annoying. Bruce’s voice is just not meant to sing along note for note with happy guitar melodies. Fortunately, this verse only exists once in the song. The pre-chorus and chorus are absolutely stellar, powerful and commanding. Nicko’s drum patterns make the chorus the most catchy and dynamic on the entire album. Both guitar solos are played by Janick and they sound like first takes, sloppy and unmemorable. Despite this, the song still manages to entertain and stretch just beyond "The Meh Zone."
While the song has a very good intro and buildup, it's let down by the terrible vocal lines, in particular in the verse. The instrumental part is by far the weakest so far on the album.

This song is the only one off the album that screams "FILLER". While not as bad as, say, "Weekend Warrior" (worst Maiden song by a long shot), it still lacks. A lot. The chorus is quite catchy, and the main riff is quite memorable (those are good things), but that's just about it. Nothing special about the lyrics and the vocal melody in the verses is a little awkward and cringy. A not-so-high 6 for this one.
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This is where the album starts to head downwards a bit, after a very good start. A filler-ish song that is somewhat saved by a catchy chorus. 6/10
Janick does a variation on his "Lord Of The Flies" bit again, while Nicko evokes "Tailgunner". This builds up nicely to the verse, and...WTF is this shit? Two Bruces singing different melodies at the same volume that don't really go together. Terrible.

The pre-chorus is great, though Bruce struggles a bit on it. The chorus is good, and the vocal harmonies actually work on this part. Nice harmonized interlude. Sloppy Janick special, then some more nice harmonized bits, and some more slop.

More pre-chorus and chorus (this time with less successful vocal harmonies), and an intro reprise closes things down.

This is actually a good song saddled with a shitty verse. I'll round it up to a 6/10, since it fully recovers after the verse.
Third worst Maiden song, not counting B-sides. 2/10, only behind "Weekend Warrior" and "Gangland" respectively.
Third worst Maiden song, not counting B-sides. 2/10, only behind "Weekend Warrior" and "Gangland" respectively.
An opening riff very reminiscent of "Lord of the Flies" kicks off this little rocker of a song. Well, it's actually over five minutes long, but it doesn't feel like that. I love the verses here and the chorus is one of the high points of the album for me. It's simple, yes, but it succeeds at what it sets out to do in spades. One of the best songs on the album, hands-down. I love it. 10