How good is Gangland on a scale of 1-10?

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Ancient Mariner
I think the problem with Gangland lies with the vocal lines and lyrics in the chorus. The rest is golden.


I have always liked Gangland!!! I think that Total Eclipse was almost too different to be an album track. Well, saying that: it reminds me a bit on Children Of The Damned and 22 Acacia Avenue, with those slow moody breakdowns in there. To me, Number Of The Beast was always some kind if favourite album, so whatever...


Out of the Silent Planet
Watching this again, Adrian said something curious about the drum intro and the riff of ''Gangland'':

''Clive was listening to a lot of Cozy Powell at the time and he loved Ian Paice, so I think it was an inspiration from that. And I kinda took inspiration from something that maybe Gary Moore would have done over that drum pattern.''