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Game Of Thrones

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Night Prowler, May 14, 2016.

  1. MrKnickerbocker

    MrKnickerbocker clap hands

    Moving at a very slow pace myself and I just finished Season 1! Very good show and I'm loving every second of it.

    I find pretty much any Stark related scene interesting, minus Sansa. I do so hope she will one day push Joffrey off a ledge. Honestly, if someone could spoil me and tell me this happens way later, it would help my enjoyment of the series.

    For Daeneyrs, it seemed like all of S1 was just the prologue to her character actually getting really interesting. Although I found her character arc through S1 to be quite enjoyable, even if her plot surroundings (i.e. all the Dothraki stuff) were meh.

    Agreed that the Night's Watch is my favorite. Well, second favorite. I could watch an entire series of just Arya Stark being a tiny badass.
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  2. RTC

    RTC Libera et impera!

    I remember being really annoyed about Sansa in the beginning also. Luckily, she becomes a much better character later on in the show.

    Also, was I the only one that found the Night's Watch really dull until Season 4?
  3. SixesAlltheway

    SixesAlltheway Yacht Rock

    Best not to know what happens IMO. Let's just say that Sansa's troubles are far from over..for now :)
  4. MrKnickerbocker

    MrKnickerbocker clap hands

    Ugh. I don't think I've ever so quickly wished someone's death as hard as I do Joffrey.
  5. Srogyy

    Srogyy Ancient Mariner

    Brace yourself for arguably even worse characters. ;)
  6. Spambot

    Spambot Nomad

    Throught the whole season I thought: "This is never going to end", but in the last scene of last episode I thought: "Shit, they are coming to the end". Awesome season with few small snooze-fests. Probably the most interesting season since this is the first time that I didn't know what was going to happen. I don't know if I'm going to finish 5th book now, and I bet Martin in now scratching his head on what should he write next.

    I liked where Bran story was going, but didn't like what happened next after cave. It seems like Bran is the only reason why Night King and White Walkers will attack Westeros. I always said that boy was trouble.
    Dany is FINALLY coming to Westeros. Until the last episode her story this season was like a summery of her previous doings until the last episode. As her story progressed I liked her less and less. I was always imagining a perfect scenario where she finally comes to Westeros, enters some village and some peasent just throws rock at her head and she dies. Not going to happen, thought. The thing with Varys is this - in the last scene you can see the ships with Targeryan and Martell sails which means - she's already at Westeros. 6 seasons waiting and she arrives in between 2 scenes.
    King's Landing plot got out of hand but it was kind of predictable. I didn't imagine almost all of Tyrells are going to die, it seemed like Margery was planing a big fuck-up. But one thing is for sure, Lannisters are over. Only Cersei and Jaime are left and they're in love/hate relationship at the moment. I miss Tywin.
    Winterfell came to conclusion nicely, but I didn't imagine Jon Snow is going to be the new king. I wonder who is going to represent the Wall in the new season. On the other hand if Samwell Tarly doesn't start to pull out some magical or revolutionary shit out of his sleeves, I'm going to dislike him more than Brianne. Who should have died seasons ago.
    The Brotherhood and Hound are back! I don't think they will have a big role in the wars to come, but I'm glas they're back. It almost hinted at the "thing" what happened in books, but it seems like they're going to stick with the decision of not having that in the series.

    They've anounced 2 more seasons, 13 episodes that is. And which seems like ideal time to complicate things a little bit and finish the story.
    I don't think Dany will come to mainland immediately, I predict she is going to Iron Islands where she's going to lose some time there. I think there will be a lot of tracking of individual characters (Arya, Bran, Hound, Samwell) at the begining and middle of 7th season with wars and complete shit-fest at the end of the 7th/begining of 8th season.
    What I would really like when they finish the series is to do a mini-series prequel. While I was reading the book I realized there is a ton of material for prequel (War against the Mad King), and characters in books do emphasize that period as the most exciting. And I do think they will do something about that - GoT was a huge succes, I would be surprised if the find a way to milk it more after the series have ended.
  7. FTB

    FTB Stranger in a Strange Board

    Am I the only one who thinks that Sam Tarly is going to be the one who finds out how to stop / end the White Walkers? There is a reason he is in this Library. I guess he will find some kind of hidden book or something which hints to defeat the creatures from the north
  8. Spambot

    Spambot Nomad

    You're not the only one. It's already being hinted in the series when he was at the Wall in their library. He was already looking for the ways to defeat them but couldn't find them and, in series, that was the reason Jon sent him to Oldtown (in a book there is different reaason, but it's also going in that direction - Sam finding the truth about white walkers). What I hope it won't happen is that he gets involved into Citadels politics (some turmoil with the maesters that work there) or that his interest go in different direction (for example, finding a way to approve Jon Snow's title).
  9. MrKnickerbocker

    MrKnickerbocker clap hands

    Just finished Season Two:

    HOLY CRAP. This show went from light fantasy to light reality in the span of 10 episodes. First season had mentions of mystical stuff, a single scene with some possible White Walkers, and a few baby dragons...Second season has smoke monsters, green fire, sorcerers, dragon mind control, and a full-on zombie apocalypse army! I feel like I'm watching a different show.

    Quick things worth mentioning:
    - I still love Arya Stark. I would watch an entire show about Arya Stark. Her scenes with Twyin Lannister this season were my absolute favorite. Also the Jaqer scenes. Amazing stuff.
    - Robb Stark started the season as a genius and ends it as a fool. The recklessness with which he had Jamie in that cell is inexcusable. Sure, Catelyn made a stupid move, but Robb's really phoning it in on the prison guards.
    - Likewise, Jon Snow is in idiot for not straight up killing that girl. This season is making me dislike the remaining Starks (except for Arya)...
    - The Hound's turnaround during that awesome battle was very interesting. Sansa is an idiot for not taking him up on his offer to run away.
    - God, I hate Theon.
    - New characters: hate Stannis and Melisandre (although her powers are interesting), Brienne is interesting, Yara is kinda cool, Ygritte is also interesting.
    - Tyrion is finally getting more interesting. I know he's the fan favorite, but honestly I didn't really start loving him until the end of this season.
    - Is it just me, or is Cersei kind of weak during this entire season? I feel like she was basically drunk the whole time.
    - Can Joffrey be dead yet?
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  10. Forostar

    Forostar Conjure the Death Star again

    Theon rules. I'm in stitches by his remarks. Best character of the whole show.
  11. MrKnickerbocker

    MrKnickerbocker clap hands

    Done with Season Three! I'm taking my time as I don't want to binge and plow through without really absorbing what's happening. I've even going back and listening to old podcasts about the episodes. It feels like the closest I can get to watching it when it aired, even if I'm not waiting weeks or months in between episodes and seasons.

    - GODDAMNIT WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LET ARYA SEE HER FAMILY AGAIN!!!!!! I know this show is cruel-hearted, but I don't think I've been so attached to a character since Fred or Wesley on Angel. I just want to see her happy. Of course, angry Arya stabbing the shit out of a Frey bannerman sitting at a firepit is nice, too. :) Her entire storyline is still 100% my favorite part of the show and her new partnership with The Hound couldn't be more interesting.
    - The Red Wedding was worse than I was expecting it to be. I've heard the term "Red Wedding" for years but thankfully never actually knew the details until now. With all the wedding discussions/plannings this season (Robb/Talisa, Tyrion/Sansa, Joffrey/Maegary, Cersei/Loras, Edmure/Frey's daughter, Littlefinger/Suckling Tully woman, etc.) I had no idea what the dread event would actually be. My bet was on Joffrey finally getting his comeuppance. But then they closed those doors...the look on Catelyn's face was bonechilling. The entire scene took me by surprise and I'll be damned if Michelle Fairley didn't deserve every acting award imaginable for her final scene alone. Despite her flaws, I still always admired and loved Catelyn Stark and I'm sad to see her go. Robb was clearly a goner from the get-go, so it wasn't a huge loss. That pregnant belly stabbing was way too much, though, HBO. Shame on you.
    - Tywin Lannister and The Queen of Thorns need more scenes. They are both incredible. He's like that grandfather that you don't want to talk to because he can convince you he's right (even when he's wrong) with the simple power of a stare and she's like the aunt that says whatever she pleases and thus gets left out of dinner invitations sometimes. Tywin Lannister's lack of morals yet incredibly strong principles is one of the more interesting internal character arcs on the entire show.
    - Speaking of Lannisters: how in the living hell did they redeem Jaime?! The stuff with the bear was a little much, but his friendship with Brienne and the reveal of his "kingslaying" was truly beautiful. I can't believe I'm actually kind of routing for a kingslaying, child-pushing inbreeder, but I am.
    - Cersei, meh. I'm bored with her. The occasional acerbic burn is nice, but she seems browbeaten and sad and wicked.
    - Tyrion continues to be interesting, especially his relationship/marriage to Sansa. He really is a nice guy at heart, despite his nature as Lannister.
    - Kind of bored with the Jon Snow plotline, hoping it gets more interesting soon. Sam is actually more interesting. Way to go Sam being the only person to kill a White Walker in over a thousand years!
    - Hodor rules.
    - Theon still sucks. I know I'm supposed to feel sorry for him, but please kill him. Kill him and Ramsay, although Ramsay is interesting in his complete lunacy.
    - Davos is back! I like Davos. Seems like a good guy.
    - When does Dany get to Westeros? Her story is moving along so slowly and honestly it's incredibly corny. I like her, but the structure of the plot is making me dislike her.
  12. Forostar

    Forostar Conjure the Death Star again

    Sorry, I meant Tyrion.
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  13. MrKnickerbocker

    MrKnickerbocker clap hands

    Makes much more sense now. I was just gonna let the comment slide earlier...

    ...because if Theon keeps you in stitches (be it murdering his own adopted family or being sadistically tortured), I'd worry about you very much. :)
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  14. mckindog

    mckindog Living for Sanctuary from the law Staff Member

    I had always thought Jaime was set up for tragic redemption and Arya for villainy in end.
    I'm not sure about Jaime anymore, too obvious, but Arya hasn't changed, at least in GRR Martins world. The show may be different.
  15. MrKnickerbocker

    MrKnickerbocker clap hands

    Season Four concluded!

    - ARYA! ARRRRRYYYYYYAAAAA! I was literally terrified during her entire scene and I'm shocked as to why: I didn't want to see Brienne die, I didn't want to see The Hound die, and most of all, I didn't want to see Arya have a part in either of their deaths. Even though Sandor deserves it, her final goodbye was so damn sad. Mostly, I was terrified for Arya's life throughout the whole thing, but also for her humanity. Still my favorite character and I'm very excited to see a continuation of the Faceless Men plot, although I can't frakking believe how close she was to Sansa...literally for the upteenth time being within scream's distance of family...without a meeting. At this point, showrunners, it's just cruel.
    - Sandor Clegane was probably the second biggest badass combat-wise on the show, save only his bigger brother. Does that now make Brienne the second biggest badass? Brienne rocks.
    - Very, very sad to see Tywin go because the actor is one of the absolute best on the show. However, Tyrion finally getting some payback was great. Just like Arya, though, it was rough to watch him lose some of his humanity. Tyrion's entire trial, his scenes with Bronne and Oberyn and Jaime, all brilliant stuff. Sorry to see Oberyn go, he was a very interesting character.
    - Is Varys actually to be trusted? Very interesting moment of him taking board on the ship next to Tyrion's crate.
    - Cersei is the worst. Not as bad as Joffrey, but still just dreadful.
    - How have they made me like Jaime so much? I find it very confusing that I'm rooting for him.
    - Stannis and Davos are North of the Wall? What? How? When? Weren't they just in Braavos? WTF? Really cool scene, though. I was not expecting that. Also nice to see Jon throw it back to Ned Stark and save Mance Rayder's life (a character we will hopefully see more of, as Ciaran Hinds killed it in all of his scenes).
    - So much fantasy happening in this episode! The skeletons, Jojen's fate, the Three-Eyed Raven in the roots of the tree...all very cool stuff. The filming left a little to be desired (mostly just because of the heavy amount of ADR), but awesome stuff nonetheless. Hodor!
    - Whatever happened to Osha and Rickon? Did we even see them this season?
    - I'm terrified for Sansa in the future. The biggest takeaway from this season: Petyr FUCKING Littlefinger is responsible for EVERYTHING?! Literally, his actions set virtually every terrible thing into motion. How can this be? The internal knowledge of the power shift towards the end of this season was hefty as hell.
    - Ding dong, thank God Joffrey is dead. I danced so much at that episode. Happy dances for days.
    - Dany's moral dilemmas are interesting, her dragons are cool, I like Barristan, but holy crap how long are they going to drag this out? It's been four seasons.
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  16. Spambot

    Spambot Nomad

    It's interesting to read new thought on a show that I've watched (4th season for 3 times now) and books that I've read so I'm going to join on your comments a little bit if you don't mind.
    BTW don't read if you plan to read the books because I'm going to throw a comparison or two with how was it portrayed in books (but leave out the spoilers from the next seasons).

    - Last episode with Arya was also terrified for me but for another reason - I didn't want The Hound to leave the show. As for Brienne goes - I really wanted her to die. Don't like her in the show and definitely hate her in the books. Her chapters are the most boring and unnecesery chapters in the whole franchise, I really don't see the reason to give her such a wide viewpoint on the whole story. In the show they improved her storyline but it's still boring for me. As for Arya, I really liked her laugh when she arrived at Vale and was told her aunt was dead. It does seem like George R.R. Martin and showrunners want her to suffer miserably for the greater purpose at the end but it somehow got over-repeated at this point.
    - I knew Tywin was going to leave the show and still enjoyed every second of him in this season. Definitely one of my favourites charachters in the show portrayed perfectly. His dialouges were awesome (especially with Queen of Thorns). His dying scene in books had one terrific one-liner from Tyrion. After killing him, he took a look in the toilet and said something like: "Well, I guess it's not true what they say - Lannisters do not shit gold after all".
    - Oberyn was awesome, but his death is classic Martins' I'm-going-to-introduce-new-likeable-charachter-just-to-kill-him-soon-in-new-unexpected-ways style. Which is a shame, I think he could play a greater role in the things to come. But the Tyrion trial was awesome.
    - Varys is one of those charachters that (I think) will be plot-twisting until the final end. Anything that he does wouldn't be surprising now.
    - Both in books and show Jaime's charachter is writen perfectly. Everybody likes to see an ass on a road to redemption and Martin (and both showrunners) have written it flawlessly. In my case, I liked him right from the start (due to his cocky self-confident style) but throught the seasons my admire only grew.
    - Stannis and Davos arrival at the Wall was badly written even in the books. Somehow they just appear there. In the shows they at least went to Braavos, which gave a hint of what would happen but in the books it was totally unexpected. The war scene was also badly written, so I'm not surprised by lack-lusterish war scene in the show.
    - I liked the fantasy in this season but not the skeletons beyond the wall. It just seemed childish, sort of like Pirates of the Caribbean. And if I rembember correctly, you're right - Osha and Rickon didn't appear in this season.
    - Littlefinger - definitely my favourite charachter in the whole franchise. His dialogues with Varys in early episodes was one of the reasons I started reading the books. When 4th season got out I've already read the 3rd book and when chapter at the Vale came in the books I was like - "I knew it! I knew this guy was behind everything! Fucking awesome! Give me more!" But then 4th season came out and... Well, he was awful. I don't know what happened to the actor or what directors told him to do, but his constant accent changes and mimics tranformed him into typical predictable "this guy is a liar/traitor" charachters. In earlier seasons his acting was immense, but in 4th season is somehow - cartoonish. I really don't know what happened between actor and directors between the seasons but they plumbed his charachter badly, in my opinion.
    - Joffrey's death was awesome in the books even if it took to long, but in the show it was even better. Impeccable drama.
    - The thing with Daeneris. I know she is one of the main charachter in the books/show (althought that doesn't mean anything to Martin or showrunners - I think she will make it to the end) and her plotline will have huge impact on the story itself, but from the ending of 2nd season/beginning of the 3rd season - I honestly don't give a f*** what happens to her. There is a thing like building a charachter, overbuilding a characher, making a charachter irreplacable - and then there's her. "Overhyped" is the term that is seariously insufficient for her plotline. I know it won't happen but I wish her story (her death) ends in most lackluster way.

    Hope this didn't take long to read. Looking forward on your 5th season thoughts!
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  17. MrKnickerbocker

    MrKnickerbocker clap hands

    Thanks for the comments and for keeping future season spoilers out of the mix! Much appreciated.

    - The more I hear from book readers, the more I'm glad I have not read the books. It seems as though many of the characters that I love so much in the show are hated in the books, and thus hated in the show because of the readers' pre-conceived ideas of them. I, too, love The Hound despite his animal nature, but I also love Brienne - together they are two of the most complex characters on the show. That scene before they started fighting in the S4 finale is just a perfect example of motivational subtlety: two strangers trying to explain why they are inexplicably (to the naked eye) supporting their sworn enemies. Brilliant stuff. I'm entirely convinced that The Hound is still alive. For such a brutal show to not show a death means something.
    - As opposed to Tywin, as soon as those bells rang I got a little deflated. For the greater scheme of good, it's nice to know that Tywin is dead and his death was so perfect that I cannot object, but damn I loved that actor and character so much.
    - Varys is definitely one giant question mark. He could turn into a dragon and I'd go, "Huh, he's good at hiding things!"
    - See I always hated Jaime until his S3 plot with Brienne (probably why I like Brienne so much, too). My love for the Stark family made him such a vile character throughout the first couple seasons and the fact that the writers/actor have turned him around so much as to actually make me feel for him is astounding. An incredible character arc.
    - It seemed to me like the Stannis/Davos North of the Wall battle was shot to be confusing on purpose - so that the entire scene the viewer would be going, "Who is that? Is that the Bolton's? Is that an army of White Walkers? NO, it's Stannis!" Unfortunately, filming and editing it in this manipulative way made it appear quite underwhelming.
    - The skeleton thing definitely came out of nowhere. But after the White Walkers touching babies and turning them into little Whites, I'm not surprised by anything. The more this show delves into fantasy, the more intrigued I am, because it seems like it has so little affect on the majority of the people's lives throughout the kingdoms.
    - I'm the opposite of you: I really dislike the actor who portrays Littlefinger. I've always disliked him. I understand that I am supposed to dislike him, but he just annoys me every time he is onscreen. He makes the same smirk during every single interaction and I never trust a word he says. I feel like the people around him should distrust him far more because of his absolutely terrible poker face. It's the exact opposite of Varys, who seems to always be 100% convincing when he's talking to you - then he turns around and does the opposite thing he promised.
    - Dany's plot is so drawn out and so overhyped that unless she just shows up in Westeros, obliterates literally everyone with dragon fire, and claims the throne to end the series, it will be a letdown.
  18. MrKnickerbocker

    MrKnickerbocker clap hands

    Finished Season 5!

    - So many incredible moments this season, from heartfelt emotional scenes to gigantic action and setpieces...holy shit a lot happened!
    - The framing of the entire season around Cersei was interesting, but not my favorite. Even after her walk of shame, I do not feel sorry for Cersei. She is a monster. With every other Lannister they've made me feel something (even Tywin), but Cersei remains completely self-absorbed, destructive, and despicable. I feel much more sorry for Margaery in her cell and even Tommen, who's just caught in the middle of a situation he could never even dream of understanding. The High Sparrow is quite interesting, though. Great performance by Jonathan Price. Also, holy crap - Frankenclegane!
    - Arya killed Meryn Trant! Die, you miserable, perverted bastard! I never thought I'd be so happy to see a young woman murder the living shit out of someone, but I am. :) She better not remain blind, though.
    - Surprise of the season: my emotional attachment to Stannis Baratheon. His one scene with Shireen was simply beautiful and made me truly care for the guy. Even when he continued to be a bastard, I could see his pain, his weariness, and even (shudder) his reasoning. The burning of Shireen was utterly deplorable and probably the single most disturbing thing this show has ever done. She was a complete innocent and a true force of goodness. Stannis had to die, and I'm glad it was at the hand of Brienne - even though I can't believe she missed Sansa's candle light...
    - Speaking of Sansa, it's time for her to level up. Thank God for Theon finally returning to the game, even though I don't feel much warmth for him either. Way to go killing that whiny Bolton lover. He should get Sansa to safety and then go drink from the pool at the House of Black and White.
    - Why aren't the Boltons dead yet? Can't they die now?
    - Jaqan H'ghar is still amazing. Even when he's being a dick.
    - The Mereen stuff...well, R.I.P. Sir Barristan, you deserved better. Dany's dragon savior moment was unbelievably incredible, holy crap that scene was great. I found myself less interested in Tyrion this season because he was mostly drunk and grumpy. Very excited to see him next season get back to more political intrigue. Jorah Mormont's greyscale seems like it should be progressing faster, no? Although his story is compelling enough. He can stick around for awhile, especially if he keeps fighting like an ultimate badass.
    - Dorne was rather disappointing. Jaime and Bronn's wacky adventure felt really brief and ultimately lacked stakes...up until the very end. God, that was heartbreaking. I'm still shocked at how much I like Jaime. Sand Snakes were kinda cool, but could've done more. Hopefully we get more Dorne next year.
    - And now, the North...Jon Snow is dead. I don't believe it. I cannot see him remaining dead. Not with Melisandre showing up. I'm sure she'll lie on top of him with her magic vagina and bring him back to life, reveal he's a Targareyn, and try to fill his head with religiobabble.
    - The Hardhome stuff was incredible. What a fight sequence. Those Whites are just pure intimidation = we kill you, then you join our army. Just a great creation and a masterful episode of television. Plus, giants!
    - Damn you, Olly. Damn you, Alliser Thorne. Way to go, Samwell Tarly. You're still crushing it.

    EDIT: Also, where the fuck are:
    - Bran and that river girl
    - Osha and Rickon
    - Ghost?
  19. Poto

    Poto Ancient Mariner

    The reason for no Brandon scenes in season five was because they catched up with his storyline in the books at the end of season four.
  20. Natalie

    Natalie Insect of Terror Staff Member

    Cool thread! I've been watching the show for a few years now and am currently re-watching season 5 with the ladyfriend (she hasn't seen all of the seasons yet). Which is actually quite fun but also excrutiating. I couldn't physically re-watch some of the bits in the season 4 finale (I think you guys know what I'm talking about). I remember when this show started and people were telling me I'd love it cos it's right up my alley with fantasy and all that and I remember I refused because the trailer had one of those zombies (not a white walker, but a kid with blue eyes being controlled by one) and I was scared shitless. A few years later I got my shit together since all my good friends were watching and finally watched it. Thank goodness those zombie children don't make that many appearances in the show. And maybe I've gotten desensitized but I'm not as freaked out by the white walkers any more. The show definitely has it's flaws (Sand snakes anyone?) but the story is a damn good tale. I'm super stoked for season 7 but it's a long wait. So who knows, maybe I'll actually read the books?
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