How good is Futureal on a scale of 1-10?

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Re: Daily Song: Futureal

A very likable opener, a power pack of a song. However, I'm not a big fan of Blaze's singing in the verses. On the chorus, he sounds good. However, the highlight of the song is the solo section and - as Foro points to - the part directly after the solos. All in all a really good song, but not spectacular. 8/10.
Re: Daily Song: Futureal

I've never seen anything special about this one. Musically, I'm not too impressed, and the vocals don't do much for me either. It works as a good opener and has some good lyrics though. 7/10
Re: Daily Song: Futureal

8 out of 10... A good rocker and the high point of the album for me. I actually prefer Bruce's live version, but I'll jump on the wagon with mckindog and Forostar and say that this is a high 8... great opener.
Re: Daily Song: Futureal

This short, fast rocker is a great opener. It's also one of Maiden's shortest songs ever I think. That said, it has bundles of energy, and even when I wasn't a fan of Blaze, I still really liked this song. Also has a brilliant instrumental section so gets a 9/10.
Re: Daily Song: Futureal

7/10. Quite a good song and a pretty good "in your face" rocker. Not their best opener, but almost up there with the best.
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Perun said:
One of their best openers, neck-breaking and in your face. I've always enjoyed this one a lot. 9/10.

This! Great song.
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I love the Blaze's voice, but the live version from "The Wicker Man" single with Bruce's voice is mind blowing!

Anyway, 9/10.
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8. Fast and energetic. The riff @ chorus on the right channel is sweet  :D
Re: Daily Song: Futureal

A great, kick ass fun rocker to open the album. A bit simple instrumentally, but still very fun to listen to and I do quite enjoy the vocals. 8/10
Re: Daily Song: Futureal

Good fast rocking opener, not their best, but real solid.  I give it a 7.
Main riff of this song is strikingly similar to the melody from Judgement Of Heaven starting at about 2:47. It's still a great riff though. I also like the chorus. 7/10.
10/10, A no bull, straight to the point track, great opener, full of energy, great performances, it is now my favourite track on the album.
8- I think this is a nice sharp rocker with some great solos.  I really wish they'd bring this back into the set as the 6 piece lineup version is great.
This is one song from VIRTUAL XI that I actually enjoy.

I wish that they would've re-recorded it with Bruce in 2012 ...
particularly to get it included in the film soundtrack for the (soon-to-be-released) TOTAL RECALL remake.

Whenever I see promos for the movie, the tagline is "What is Real?"
and it reminds me of FUTUREAL.