Future Legacy Of The Beast 2 Tour (2022)


I've enjoyed the themes that the band have employed for this LOTB tour and it got me thinking about themes for the next possible Legacy tour (after the next album and tour obviously). Some alternative themes could be interesting. I've tried to keep it fairly realistic with a couple of the typical staples :-

Theme - Space and Time
1. Caught Somewhere in Time
2. Speed of Light (better than FF)
3. Brave New World
4. Dream of Mirrors

Theme - War (hard to drop this one)
5. Die With Your Boots On
6. Trooper or 2M2M (inevitable)
7. Longest Day
8. Paschendale

Theme - History
9. Book of Souls
10. ATG (obviously)
11. Powerslave

Theme - Terror/fear
12. Iron Maiden

13. Fear of the Dark
14. Prowler or Killers
15. Hallowed

Reckon this would be pretty cool, I also toyed with a madness theme featuring CIPWM, Still Life, Sea of Madness and Man on the Edge.
Why would there be another Legacy of the Beast tour?

No need for it obviously, other than the themed sections of the show was a good idea employed at long last. They could call it something else but I think it's a great idea for the history tours to use themes.

For so long they've been picking songs that don't often match a general theme.
They need a Maritime World:

1) Run Silent Run Deep
2) Ghost of the Navigator
3) Sea of Madness
4) Rime of the Ancient Mariner

they could blend that with and Explorers World to include:
5) Stranger in a Strange Land
6) If Eternity Should Fail
7) The Talisman
I like this idea. It's difficult to come up with 3 other different themes, but here is my try:

1.Caught Somewhere In Time
2.Speed Of Light
3.(Satellite 15...) The Final Frontier
4.Brave New World
5.Futureal (or OOTSP)
6.The Trooper
8.Afraid To Shoot Strangers
9.Death Or Glory
10.Alexander The Great
11.The Number Of The Beast
12.Fear Of The Dark
13.Iron Maiden
14.Ghost Of The Navigator
15.Run Silent Run Deep
16.Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
--------------------------------------SEA WORLD

- TNOTB, FOTD and IM are without theme (in encores place)
Can you include this theme as Intro?
1. Be quick or be dead
2. El Dorado
----------------------------------BANK & CORRUPTION
Not sure if I should put it here since it was casually mentioned above, or just make its own thread, but will there ever be a History of Maiden part 4? We absolutely need closure at least up to the leaving and returning of Bruce, the Blaze years, Live at Donington and maybe some live footage of Blaze with the band. I'd fucking treasure a release like that. So give it to me!

Edit: I did find an old thread last posted in over a year ago regarding this very same topic, and it didn't seem it was answered there either. Poo. I want to get Live at Donington on both vinyl and bluray/dvd. And not a South American bootleg copy of the VHS, a real one.
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A realistic one...

1. Aces High
2. Where Eagles Dare
3. Remember Tomorrow or Die With Your Boots On or Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
4. Paschendale
5. The Trooper
6. Revelations
7. For The Greater Good Of God
8. The Wicker Man
9. Sign Of The Cross
10. Flight Of Icarus
11. Hallowed Be Thy Name
12. The Number Of The Beast
13. Iron Maiden
14. Stranger In A Strange Land (Bruce as a polar explorer)
15. The Clairvoyant
16. Run To The Hills

The only unrealistic thing here is dropping FOTD. No way they do that after 2 years of not playing.

That would change the things enough to keep the tour interesting.
LOTB 2022 with some Senjutsu in the mix (now that we know what the songs are about on Senjutsu):

1. Aces High
2. Where Eagles Dare
3. Senjutsu
4. Death Of The Celts
5. The Trooper
6. Revelations
7. The Writing On The Wall
8. The Wicker Man
9. Sign Of The Cross
10. Flight Of Icarus
11. Hell On Earth
12. The Number Of The Beast
13. Days Of The Future Past
14. Hallowed Be Thy Name
15. Run To The Hills
Turns out the future Legacy of the Beast Tour for 2022 is the same one they started back in 2018. Funny.

Setlist for next year

Exactly the same with one or two changes. Senjutsu for Clansman and Writing on the Wall for Greater Good. It's a stretch to have WOTW in the religion set, but Fear of the Dark doesn't fit anywhere and it's there.
From what we know so far... (Just discussed ot with a friend. Too keep the LOTB and play some Senjutsu...

Aces High
Where Eagles Dare
Death Of the Celts
The Trooper
The Writing On The Wall
The Wicker Man
Sign Of The Cross
Flight Of Icarus
Fear Of The Dark
The Number Of The Beast
Iron Maiden
The Evil That Men Do or Infinite Dreams or Days Of Future Past or Senjutsu
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Run To The Hills