Forum Software Updated - XenForo 1.2


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Let me know if things have improved any - there was a minor patch to Xenforo. Otherwise I'll try to keep an eye and see if this is something they're planning to fix.

Travis The Dragon

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If youtube videos are in spoilers or a quote, the size of them is reduced to so small that youtube gives an error message saying the video can't be played because it's too small.


And I should contemplate this change
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Does this site not save cookies anymore? I notice it doesn't remember any of the poll options I've put since the update.


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Since the last update I noticed that control-z (undo) takes lots more text away than in the previous version, and also than most regular text editors.
Type a whole sentence and do control-z and in most cases (if not all) the whole sentence disappears.

It's not a terrible thing but it is a bit annoying. I notice that I am using control-y (redo) more often these days (hell I even never needed to used that before). If not then I need to retype the whole sentence, or even bigger part of a whole post.

Jon, could you see if this is a bug? I think that in the previous version only one word was undone.
Still the same problem. I am afraid this is something the people of the new version are not aware of.


And I should contemplate this change
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We can now restrict the number of votes in a poll.

Time to go back to 3 votes in survivor?