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I should post more often on this thread because I've taken to cooking quite a lot recently (although it mostly cycles as the same things most weeks, from wok'd veggies over rice to salmon to chicken to meatballs to some form of pasta and back again). But today! I made pizza. I had some frozen pizza dough that I had made a while back (pain in the ass to make). I followed this recipe:

So I thawed that shit up, and made a tomato sauce to go on it. Its a basic sauce that I use for pasta as well.
In this case it involved 6 small tomatoes, half a large onion, one garlic clove, some olive oil, salt, pepper, sprinkling of dried basil and 'grill herbs'. I guess you could add chilli or whatever you wanted to spice it up a bit but I'm a bland eater so the most exciting thing in there is pepper.
Poured that sauce on the pizza dough, added grated cheese, and cubes of... BACON. Because I'm careful with raw meat I cooked the bacon up in a bit of olive oil beforehand just to make sure it would be fine to eat.

Cooked it all in the oven at about 200 degrees C for 15 minutes pretty high up on the rung. But every oven is a bit different.

And here is the final result:

Everything on there homemade (except for the raw ingredients of course) and orgasmically delicious. Yes, it took a while to make but if you ever have an afternoon free I absolutely recommend it, it is totally worth the effort! :cheers:


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Nice :)
I'm going to stay away from the kitchen after my knife and thumbnail incident yesterday. I did make a good curry tonight, though


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I've eaten a pizza cone, don't remember it being too good. It could be great if you make it yourself of course.

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On the other hand I love melted cheese.