Favorite music-related movies?

List your favorite music-related movies, here are mine:

DETROIT ROCK CITY(1999): Great underrated comedy with a great soundtrack... Can be enjoyed by any rock fan, regardless of whether or not you like KISS

PUMP UP THE VOLUME(1989): Great movie, don't we all wish we could radio stations from our basements(if pirate radio wasn't illegal..)

EMPIRE RECORDS(1995): I know I'll probably be in the minority here since this movie is alternative-oriented, but I don't care, I love it, one of the best flicks of the 90s, with a great soundtrack!

WAYNES WORLD 1 and 2(1992 and 1993): Need I say more??

THAT THING YOU DO(1996): Great movie with a lot of truths about the record producing world

Those are all I can think of for now


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Wayne's World 1, hands down. 2 was alright, but nowhere near as good.

Most movies tend to get music very, very wrong. It's always the same story with a genius musician, a shitty, greedy producer, and some woman or man who drags them down.

I don't remember the movie August Rush very well, but I do remember it did some very cool things with music.

Do musicals count? Because I quite like Once, Rent, and Moulin Rouge.


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I like The Wall and Purple Rain a lot. Also Clint Eastwood's Bird, a film about jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker. Kinda overlooked compared to his other films but I think it's great.


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Purple Rain, first thing I thought of in about a tenth of a second.

Underrated: Eddie and the Cruisers, Grace Of My Heart

Enjoyable: That Thing You Do, Heavy Metal


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Airheads - a thoroughly enjoyable movie that cast Lemmy.

Singles - a touching depiction of the early 90s Seattle scene, also featuring a myriad of real participants in the grunge movement.

Rock Star - the movie sucks overall, but it has Myles Kennedy.


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I have always liked Almost Famous. But The Wall is very good.

Flight 666???


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My favorite has to be A Hard Day's Night. There 's lots of funny moments, quotes and it's truly a memorable experience. I strongly recommend it.


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My favourites are The Commitments, about a group of Dubliners who form a soul band, and Robert Altman's Nashville, a brilliant ensemble comedy set in and around the Nashville country scene in the mid-seventies.
ah yes, Rock Star... cheesy as it is, I like that movie.. and oh yea, forgot Myles Kennedy was in it

and of course can't forget "Heavy Metal Parking Lot"


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Who says it's a favorite? :p

I love Wayne's World more, but Spinal Tap is a pretty fun movie too. It was released at probably the height of Metal's popularity in the mainstream (Powerslave and Defenders were both released that year, along with other underground albums at the time like RtL and Don't Break The Oath.)


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Flight 666???
Maybe this is for the unpopular opinions thread (although I've never seen this discussed much here)but I thought Flight 666 was a bit underwhelming. To be fair it was pretty much exactly what you'd expect from a film following Maiden on tour, but it got pretty repetitive. It didn't really have much replay value and I think there are other Maiden docs that are far more interesting (namely the history ones). Not that it was bad or anything, whenever someone brings up the topic of music related movies, this is one of the last things that springs to mind.

That said, the director, Sam Dunn, is awesome. His other films: Metal a Headbanger's Journey, Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage (I would've much rather seen a movie like this for Maiden), and the TV series Metal Evolution are really awesome. He also did En Vivo which I quite liked. Apparently he has a new film coming out about Satan, sounds great!


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The best music related movie bar none is The Blues Brothers. It has nothing to do with metal, but every song is great, and it is constantly funny. Not just ha-ha funny, but oh my god, my sides hurt funny.


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And it has a killer cast, including some really great musicians. Love Ray Charles in that.


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Oh yeah, I love Blues Brothers too. I know I rag on Ghostbusters for being overrated, but Dan Aykroyd is great in BB.