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I thought [Octavarium] was a pretty popular album of theirs. I even enjoy the title track myself.
Fans do love the album, but I simply find it too pedestrian for Dream Theater. This is a band which typically writes multi-faceted tracks with many layers, like taco dip. Most of that style is absent on Octavarium, trading it for flavor-of-the-moment commercial sounds. It's no surprise that the two songs on the album that don't follow this formula - Sacrificed Sons and the title track - are the strongest.

The Root of All Evil has a memorable chorus, but the rest is about as generic mid-tempo metal as you can get. Stock riffs everywhere.
The Answer Lies Within is an emotive song, but it's too one-dimensional for me.
These Walls is heavier, but after having just written the superb Train of Thought, this felt uninspired and even trendy.
I Walk Beside You is actually a song I enjoy. It's a shameless U2 rip-off, but it is catchy.
Panic Attack, like These Walls, is too one-dimensional. It sounds phoned in after the greatness on Train of Thought.
Never Enough is a bottom tier Dream Theater song. It's basically Stockholm Syndrome by Muse, except far weaker.

The final two tracks are both very strong, even though the moody, atmospheric intros are not my thing. It's like four freaking minutes of Jordan playing around on his new toys before the band even enters in the title track, and it was like eight minutes live. Things like that made me appreciate the directness of Train of Thought - an album I had already treasured - even more.

Transcending Time is one of my favorites because it stands out from the others.
Agreed. I'm a sucker for that Rush sound, and DT use it sparingly enough that it works very well. Barstool Warrior on the previous album was fantastic.

In terms of popularity I'd say it's upper mid tier with the likes of Train of Thought.
I don't know how the majority of fans would compare the two, but to me it's not even close. I'm not a fan of poppy songs and I love progressive metal. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate DT's softer side, since they've written ballads that have absolutely moved me. But outside of a few sections of The Answer Lies Within, none of those moments lie on Octavarium.

There's no Paralyzed here (best single for at least a decade)
I think it's a solid tune. It puzzles me more and more why Answering the Call, which is arguably the most up-front catchy track on this new album, was not the first single. I'm sure it will be next, but it's a stronger song than The Alien and much stronger than Invisible Monster.

The only stinker here is 'Invisible Monster' which is really just a boring rip off of 'Pull Me Under.' They shoulda just left that one off imo.
While I don't understand the comparison to Pull Me Under, Invisible Monster is definitely the weakest link here. I'm not sure that it should have been left off entirely (the instrumental bits are great), but releasing it as a single is a head-scratcher to me. It's nowhere near as filler as Room 137 (a song even weaker than Never Enough), but it just doesn't click with me.

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Just finishing up my first listen through of the new album. I believe the first two singles are the weakest tracks but I quite like the rest, the first part of the title track is excellent, the rest is still strong but not quite as good for my taste, it feels its length in spots. I like Transcending Time quite a bit as well. Overall I'd say a nice addition to the catalog

Detective Beauregard

Independent as a hog on ice
Just finishing up my first listen through of the new album. I believe the first two singles are the weakest tracks but I quite like the rest, the first part of the title track is excellent, the rest is still strong but not quite as good for my taste, it feels its length in spots. I like Transcending Time quite a bit as well. Overall I'd say a nice addition to the catalog
Definitely agreed about the two singles. Answering the Call was the obvious choice for a single, especially when compared to the relative earsore that is Invisible Monster.


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Tracks from new album have great potential to be summary for new DTCU (Dream Theater Cinematic Universe) movie release.

It finally happened...
The Alien and Invisible Monster are Answering the Call and have decided to Awaken the Master.
But Sleeping Giant has other plans!
Transcending Time, he has his own mission on how to get A View From the Top of The World and...

Actually, the more I write, the more I see it is losing potential. Just like this album.

It's OK, I guess. There are 3 tracks that I really like (Answering the Call, Awaken the Master and Transcending Time).
Being exposed to LTE3 and Terminal Velocity a lot in this past year, I quite like The Alien. But every time I listen to it, I have this urge to just skip the rest of the album and put on something instrumental by Petrucci. Luckily, Answering the Call comes after it. It's heavy, it's melodic, has a lot of hooks, drama and I would like to see their mindset which made them decide to put those 3 songs as a singles instead of this one.

By these first two tracks, I see that AVFTOTW to me is really a Petrucci/Rudess show backed by amazing Mangini. The guy is a machine, and I mean that as a compliment. Anybody who says he doesn't have the feel has never heard how would drums really sounds with a drummer who is just trying to keep 4/4 with occasional drum feel. A funny example here: LINK He may not be as playful as Portnoy but that's got nothing to do with what people usually throw at him. I can't really think of another album where Myung is so... subdued? I can hear he's there but I miss those moments where he really shines ie. where he takes the spot or just wanders on his own and makes the song a notch better. James is OK. There.

Invisible Monster sounds like Dream Theater tribute band doing their first original song and managing to get lukewarm results from their 300 people fanbase on Facebook (which is mostly consisted of their friends and relatives). Transcending Time is such a good-feel song! You want to sit with it on the porch, pour some iced tea and reminisce about high-school times. I wish they made more songs like this on their later albums. Awaken the Monster is just what it's title says. Now, if the album was consisted of 5 songs like this I'd give it 5 stars right-away. I wouldn't need ballads, rockers, epics, interludes or anything else. Just give me longer songs with several different yet coherent parts and I'm satisfied. Oh, and lyrics in this one, to me, tackled the topic of climbing much better than the title track. But I'm not really the one to say since I don't really notice Dream Theater lyrics unless they're incredibly stupid. Then (if the song is good), I absolutely adore them - take any random line from Black Clouds and Silver Linings and I could see it on a motivational poster hanged in my living room.

DOT had much more to offer, in my opinion. It had its ups and downs, but there is so much more to pick from there. Sleeping Giant, for example, is the songs which I should like (in theory). Somehow it doesn't click. Maybe because it has so much going on in 10 minutes, or maybe those parts don't stick good together or maybe some of those parts need more time to breathe - whatever. I'm somehow of opinion if they decided to take this one to 20 minutes (instead of the title track) I would like the result better. And speaking of title track, there is nothing that I don't like but... Instead of picking it apart, here's a situation that could paint what I think about it.

Your friend invites you to a restaurant. 'They have this amazing course, you have to try it! On my expanse.' Wow, great, you haven't had a 4-meal course in a lifetime and you really like those! Even if there's something you don't like, there's, like, 4 different meals! Something out of it has to be amazing! So you sit at a table, your expectations high and the waiter brings hors d'oeuvre (cold appetizer) - homemade beef jerky and homemade potato chips. You eaten a ton of that, but this one is done differently and it's OK. So far, so good.
Second meal, warm appetizer - from large pot on the table you can smell beef soup. As you grab ladle, you pick up a piece of boiled potato. "This is basically meat-and-potato fest!" you say jokingly as your friend already slurps from his plate. 'Yeah, but it's really good, try it!' It is good, but... There are so many soups, couldn't it be from something else, you ask yourself.
Your stomach is a bit full, but you are rubbing your hands because you know the main course will come soon. As the waiter opens the lid of the main course in front of you, your friend sees your reaction and his smile turns to frown ' What's wrong?' You look at it and you try to explain. The beef looks well-done, just how you like it, there's bit of bacon in that potato salad, but... You feel cheated somehow, don't you? 'Nah, it's all good' you answer as you try first bit. And it is good, it's grilled nicely, the potato salad is tasty, but... Meat and potatoes, again? As you eat, you and your friend reminisce of the times you went to other restaurants and the more you talk, the more you remember all meals and variations you had - fish, pasta, mushrooms... There is so much food in this world! And the more you remember, the more you come to conclusion how poorly thought the course in this restaurant is.
'Wow, I'm full. This was great!' your friend pats his stomach, leaned backward in his chair. His eyebrows lift up and the question is hanging in the air 'Up for dessert?' Damn, after all this, something sweet would be really nice. It's a fancy restaurant, maybe they serve crepe. Or a piece of chocolate cake. Damn, even plain pancake would sit well now! The table is cleared, the conversation became quieter, you see people from other table paying the bill and leaving. What am I complaining about, you ask yourself, this was a good night! OK, course may be a bit better, but you cleared every plate, didn't you? It's not like it was awful so you had to spit the first bite of your food in the tablecloth and moved the plate aside. 'Here he is' your friend nods behind you back announcing the arrival of the waiter who carries two desserts high in his hands.
Suddenly, the chair flies back as you stand up and scream 'Where are they?!' The waiter takes a step back, balancing the plates in his hands and muttering 'Sir, I have no idea what you're talking about...' "Hidden cameras, that's what! Where are they, what kind of show is this?!?!' the veins on your forehead jump up as your friend tries to calm you down. 'We have cameras, yes sir, but they are only for security reasons.' the waiter speaks to you but his eyes are looking for help from the kitchen. 'I assure you, this is a restaurant, not a show...' the kitchen staff is already on the door 'Oh, yeah?!' you reply, your face now resembling to young Jack Nicholson on cocaine. "Well then..." you grab plates from his hands. "Fuck this meat pudding and fuck you!" you throw the first one and it flies across his head, but the second one hits his head, splattering the potato cream all over his face. In a matter of minutes, police comes and untangles the brawl you and your friend gotten into with the kitchen staff (the waiters stood aside and recorded everything with their smartphones).
4 AM, just awaken from bed, your wife waits for you in front of the police station. The cold wind carries her hair and the bathrobe she is clutching on this cold November night. 'What happened?' her eyes are painted with worry. You feel the bruise on your cheek. 'You wouldn't understand it, honey.' You pick up a cigarette and clutch your hands, trying to light it up. Behind your wedding ring, you see her face and you know. You just know it. The thought of divorce has ran trough her head. 'It was just meat and potatoes, honey.' You take a long inhale and the tear rolls down your cheek involuntarily. "Just meat and potatoes..."

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The rescheduled dates for the North American leg of the Top Of The World Tour have been announced.

Tour Dates 2022:
Feb 2nd – Mesa, AZ – Mesa Arts Center [TIX]
Feb 4th – El Cajon, CA – The Magnolia [TIX]
Feb 5th – Los Angeles, CA – Microsoft Theater [TIX]
Feb 6th – Oakland, CA – Fox Theater [TIX]
Feb 8th – Seattle, WA – Showare Center
Feb 10th – Salt Lake City, UT – Mavericks Center
Feb 12th – Denver, CO – Paramount Theater
Feb 15th – St. Louis, MO – Stifel Theater
Feb 16th – Cincinnati, OH – Icon
Feb 18th – Minneapolis, MN – State Theater [TIX]
Feb 19th – Milwaukee, WI – Miller High Life [TIX]
Feb 20th – Chicago, IL – Chicago Theatre [TIX]
Feb 22nd – Detroit, MI – The Fillmore [TIX]
Feb 23rd – Akron, OH – Goodyear Theater [TIX]
Feb 25th – Boston, MA – Wang Theater at Boch Center [TIX]
Feb 26th – Quebec, QC – Grand Theatre de Quebec
Feb 27th – Ottawa, ON – National Arts Center
Mar 1st – Montreal, QC – Place Bell [TIX]
Mar 2nd – Toronto, ON – Meridian Hall [TIX]
Mar 4th – New York, NY – Beacon Theater [TIX]
Mar 5th – Wallingford, CT – Oakdale Theater
Mar 6th – Washington, DC – Warner Theater
Mar 8th – Philadelphia, PA – The Met [TIX]
Mar 9th – Red Bank, NJ – Count Basie [TIX]
Mar 11th – Raleigh, NC – Raleigh Memorial Auditorium [TIX]
Mar 12th – Atlanta, GA – Roxy
Mar 13th – Nashville, TN – The Opry
Mar 15th – Orlando, FL – Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando [TIX]
Mar 16th – St. Petersburg, FL – Mahaffey Theater [TIX]
Mar 18th – Houston, TX – Bayou Music Center
Mar 19th – Dallas, TX – Bomb Factory
Mar 21st – Austin, TX – ACL Live at The Moody Theater [TIX]


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I haven't had much time lately, so let me just say that I heard the new album about 3 or 4 times and I'm really happy about it. This is the follow-up to ADTOE I've been expecting the past 10 years. With this one, Hushed and Grim and Senjutsu I'll be having a hard time picking my personal album of the year, honestly.

P. S. - everybody talks about how Transcending Time is Rush here and Rush there... well, it may be, but it just as well might be perceived as Journey here and Boston there (making it more palatable for me, definitely). 'Murica ftw!
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Yeah, it’s a good album. I enjoy Answering the Call, Awaken the Master and Sleeping Giant a lot, and the title track has amazing moments. While my first listen through the album gave mixed results, it’s been sneaking ever higher.


Ancient Mariner
DT started their tour last night.
I will see them in Houston on March 18th.
I am VERY excited to see this encore!
A mostly 21st century setlist (similar I guess to what Maiden did on TFF leg 1 tour)



Found in a lost world
The encore:wub:
Don´t care about the rest of that setlist tbh.
Nothing of I&W? :angry-:
I sold most of my DT album collection.
Only kept my favourites.
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DT started their tour last night.
I will see them in Houston on March 18th.
I am VERY excited to see this encore!
A mostly 21st century setlist (similar I guess to what Maiden did on TFF leg 1 tour)

Glad for folks who love these songs, but I’m perfectly okay skipping this tour.

I haven’t gone back to the new album since the month of its release and these song choices are pretty meh. It’ll definitely be a cool instrumental show to see, though. Lots of long extended breaks for LaBrie!


Ancient Mariner
Oh, the encore is just what I thought it would be. Unfortunately there’s about zero chance of seeing them this year.

The Count of Tuscany and About to Crash - that’s cool! Seeing TCOS live would be a dream come true. Only 10 songs, including three really long ones, also interesting.

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That set is… fine. I’m missing this tour, anyway.

I’m ok with the 8-string song and the title track from the new album, but I’d rather hear Answering the Call and Transcending Time over the mediocre Alien and horrible Invisible Monster. Poor choices there.

Also, Endless Sacrifice has always been the weak point of Train of Thought to me, and I find everything about the Six Degrees title track to be massively overrated. It would be cool to see 6:00, Bridges, Ministry, and Count live, though. Oh well.

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DT started their tour last night.
I will see them in Houston on March 18th.
I am VERY excited to see this encore!
A mostly 21st century setlist (similar I guess to what Maiden did on TFF leg 1 tour)

Honestly, I think that's a damn fine setlist! I haven't seen a single one of those songs live before, so that's a major plus for me.

I wonder if they will change or rotate any songs, or if they will just stick with this setlist for the whole tour.


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Well I finally got to see Dream Theater for the first time. I loved the set but I think they left the two best songs off the new album out of the set.

I actually went in without looking at the set for once and enjoyed it, but my YouTube algorithm spoiled The Count of Tuscany and Ministry of Lost Souls. I was really happy with a lot of surprises like Endless Sacrifice, Bridges and About to Crash. I got chills when About to Crash turned into Ministry of Lost Souls. The crowd seemed to be really into these songs too. I didn’t hear one comment about the lack of I&W songs which was nice.

Quick rant: Also every other show I attend, I start to like Tool’s no phones policy more and more. Given I’m just as guilty, but if you’re 6’ 5” and holding your phone above your head to film every other Petrucci solo then you deserve to be thrown out of the venue. I’m here to watch the show, not watch it through your phone.


Meme Lord
About the setlist:
This setlist is either incredibly brave and incredibly safe. On one hand, I believe it's much easier to go on a tour with shorter known songs which they can probably play in their sleep. On the other, James in this setlist looks like a guest musician.
Still, even if I hand't bought the ticket, I would buy it for one song alone: The Count of Tuscany!!! (@JudasMyGuide are you seeing this?!?!?! BEARDED GENTLEMAN!!!!) And I'm also looking for "About To Crash" - that's it considering older ones.
I can't believe they choose those songs from new albums. Whatever I think about the title track, I somehow hope it works much better live. The Alien as opener is OK-ish, I guess. But Invisible Monster?! Even worse, I saw somebody put Transcending Time on the second date instead of Invisible Monster, but it got corrected soon. What a travesty, having only 10 songs on a gig, and this snooze-fest being one of them...