Deja Vu

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I think this may be Murray's best writing contribution to the band. An incredibly underrated song. Time disappears when I listen to this, that's how badass it is. Dave slays on this track.
The best filler song I've heard yet from IM. How can one not like this song? More oustanding singing by Bruce and guitar work to match. 10/10 I love listening to this every time.


According to the classic Maiden-pattern we always have the fillers just before the epic ending; Gangland-Total Eclipse before Hallowed be Thy Name, Quest For Fire-Sun and Sun and Steel before To Tame A Land, Back In The Village before Powerslave. This naturally makes me think of Deja-Vu as a filler, and maybe it is, but in that case it's a good filler!

Good intro as always when Murray has written the song, both the verse and chorus are great, and I enjoy the vocals more then I have done for the last two or three songs. The melodies in the middle feels kind of flat sometimes, but that doesn't lower the score that much.

...feels like I've commented here before...

Well, what can I say - it's catchy, which others have reported here already. It's got a good groove, something to bob your head to. Certainly not bad by any extent, while not epic either. Good song, 8/10.


9/10. I've always liked this one! Such a great rocker on a great album! I see this one as being a filler on the album, but the quality of this filler is much higher than previous albums, plus it's the only filler on the album! I really likes Bruce's vocals on this one as I do the entire album! Never understood why it has been ignored live, it seems like a good one to perform live here and there.


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8. Great song however you want to slice it.

I have always found the intro reminds me of the opening track of the album which given the songs subject matter I always thought was a clever little detail.


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Deja-Vu is a rare exercise in Murray’s songwriting skills and it’s an underrated barnburner. The quiet, bluesy lead transitions the listener from the heavy groove of Stranger in a Strange Land before launching into a sonic assault of guitar harmonies and energetic drumming. Deja-Vu is a classic Maiden song with some pretty obvious lyrics, but some immense hooks. It’s a shame that this song was never put into heavy setlist rotation. Davey’s soulful, blazing fast guitar drives the track and everything feels seamless, despite multiple shifts in rhythm and timing.


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This one is a tough song for me, I have to be in the right mood to enjoy it. If it comes on shuffle I might be prone to skipping it, but it sits really nicely on the album. Lots of really nice melodies, very classic Dave stuff. The riff in between the verses, is one of my favorites. It's melancholy yet upbeat at the same time, very strange. Like LOTLDR, this song is filled with great guitar melodies and solos. Could've also made a nice instrumental.



The lyrics scream "filler" but everything else shows exactly the opposite. Was going to rate it 9, then remembered that ATG is better still having not the best lyrics.


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As you scream into the web of silence...
@Desdemona has something of a similar mindset as I have about this song. The title, its placement on the album, the lyrics, and everything else about this song lure you into the trap of thinking this one is going to be little more than thriller. Indeed, it took me a while to like it because the way Bruce sings the verses is in kind of a weird way. Yet this oddball of a song is actually one of the best on the album, with memorable music and even vocals, when Bruce finally pulls through and delivers us the chorus. Even the verses I've come to like. As for lyrics - so long as they're sung right and / or have great backing music, I don't care what's being sung. Deja Vu is a great song. 10/10

Number 6

Ancient Mariner
This is possibly Maiden at their catchiest. Although the lyrics come off as a bit cheesy, they fit the overall theme of the song very well and the instrumental is very well done, with some sticky, but great melodies. It could have benefited from at least one more solo in the middle section, though. An 8.


Harmonies on this song are amazing, and overall the song is very catchy and interesting. It’s a bit of a shame the lyrics are quite predictable considering the theme. 8/10
A good song with some meh lyrics. Surprisingly good actually, when I think about it I tend to remember the Wikipedia article styled lyrics more than the music, which is a shame, because its pretty nice every time a listen to it.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
I like the lyrics and think they set the song apart from others. The chorus is so blindly awesome. The vocals in the verses are weird for Bruce and were off-putting for me at first, but they grew as I became more entranced by it. One of the best on the album. 10/10.