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So I've been debating for a while whether or not to open a thread specifically for Death, because let's face it, they're more than just any old death metal band, so just talking about them in the death metal thread is limiting. At any rate, I decided to set it up today because I found this:

Overall a very good list. There's such a lot of ones you could have chosen from and I think they've gotten a lot of the highlights. Only things I feel should be changed are The Philosopher at #1, because TBH I've always found it a good yet overrated song, and far from their best riff. Also would have added Spirit Crusher and Pull The Plug, the latter of which I'm honestly surprised wasn't included, firstly because it's Loudwire *cough* and secondly because (unpopular opinion) it's one of their best riffs, probably right after Crystal Mountain for me.



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To me the best Death riff is Symbolic. Not the one featured in this video, though. I mean the second, fast one. I love it, it's one of the very best death metal riffs I've ever heard. The way it hits you out of the blue in the song is perfect.


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Don't know if I told this story already on another thread in the past but oh well, here it is:

Saw Death on Spiritual Healing tour with Carcass opening. However, after opening with Mutilation and going straight into Living Monstrosity, jerks up front knocked the mic stand into Chuck's mouth giving him a bloody lip! Then they started throwing ice at him so the band left the stage. Then the crowd got ugly and the police were called. Show was cancelled.

Years later, see Death live on the Symbolic tour. I meet Gene Hoglan before the show walking through the club! We talk about Dark Angel a bit and then i tell him what happened the last time Death played Houston. I tell him I am surprised Chuck returned. Gene says he never heard Chuck talk about it so he must not have a problem with it. What a guy! When the band hit the stage, Chuck was high fiving people up front and then opened with Spiritual Healing!

I absolutely adore the Human cd. Chuck Shuldiner was a very talented musician, and underrated for the genre that he was pigeon-holed into.


you would need a top 50 for Death riffs. Chuck was a genius. on this particular list they are missing the open and end of Open Casket's riff, the middle Leprosy riff in between the tapping part and Rick Rozz's solo, the Left to Die's mid riff right after Chuck's solo, Zero Tolerance riff, and about pretty much every Human song. the guy was just bleeding riffs.

and yes, Human is probably one of my favorite top 3/5 metal albums.

absolutely genius in its simplicity and how good it sounds.


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I have yet to receive my Sound of Perseverance hoodie Christmas present:(

Definitely one of the greatest albums ever written. Voice Of The Soul is testament to Chuck's skill and variety in music

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As you scream into the web of silence...
Yeah, TSOP is my favorite of their albums too. That said, I’ve not been in a Death mood in a while, so...