Days Of Future Past

How good is Days of Future Past on a scale of 1-10?

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Thread for all discussion of the track 'Days Of Future Past' from Iron Maiden's 17th studio album 'Senjutsu'.
Do you like The Pilgrim's main riff? Than you'll also dig this one since it's down the same venue. After a really cool intro the whole thing comes to an alt as the rhythm guitar gives the moto to a straight to your face traditional Heavy Rock tune. The chorus as a certain pomp and dramatic (almost tragic) feel to it nonetheless followed by a really cool solo. A brief calm bridge that really works wonders follows before the refrain is recovered for a last go and the song comes full circle as it finishes with the intro. hey! this is far from being a masterpiece but it's simple, has bounce, drama and is well put together. 7.75/10
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Compare the guitar chords at 0:31 - 0:36 against the opening (the first two chords) of "Everlong" by Foo Fighters. Sounds like the same chords to me. Of course it goes differently from there ... H does not steal riffs, he liberates them. Adrian Smith is larger than Dave Grohl.
Now this should have been the single, it would have been the best since The Wicker Man. A really fun hard rock song, not much to be said about this one, really simple, really good. would love an album full of these. Great work from H on this one and cannot listen to without a moving my head and a big smile on my face
This is the best rocker since Rainmaker by far. Intro lead part is awesome and I love when the big riff comes in. Great chorus from Bruce! I'm not entirely sure about the soft post-solo bridge. It feels a little empty, like maybe another lead part or solo should be over it, but that's a minor nitpick. Overall, definitely a good shot of adrenaline. It's in the perfect spot on the album.
Cool intro with a unique guitar sound/technique, I'm not sure what it is.
Then a speed metal song à la Judas Priest's Painkiller album. Very cool for Maiden.
The chorus is the least good part. It's literally the first half of the chorus from Starblind. At least the melody is cool.
The first solo definitely feels 90's Priest-y. Cool build up to the last chorus.
Right now I don't love it as much as other Bruce+H rockers, but I'm sure it'll grow on me.
I do not understand the need to decide which single is or would have been) thr best since.....
Apart from that I also do not understand how can the wickerman be considered one of the best openers ever....anyhow...
IMO Days of Future Past is a song I know that I would never get tired of. And having spent quite some time with the album since the first leak, although the mix/production is good - at last - is a bit dry for my liking and kind of brings the quality of the songs down a bit.
Adrian wrote one of Maiden's best riffs for this song imo. Love it.

I really like that it is so loud and prominent in the mix (this also can be found in several other songs written by him).

As Bruce said, ''Adrian always has riffs''.
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Not much to write about. It's just a straight forward song, quite nice but nothing special. Guess I like longer songs that have time to change and grow.
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This one may seem like nothing spectacular, but when I think about it, I'm actually pretty grateful we got something like this as opposed to stuff like Speed of Light, Death or Glory or When the River Runs Deep. It's dark and heavy and I much prefer this to the jolly vibe of the songs I mentioned. And indeed, it is reminiscent of Bruce's solo stuff. Perhaps, it's a bit too short. Some kind of instrumental interlude could be cool. Solid track nonetheless.
I think it is a great rocker, one of their best post-reunion, and I think it fits perfectly after the longer Lost in a Lost World. As opposed to @daan, I even think it should have been shorter; start the song at 0.31 and have it be right on your face from the start. Great track regardless and fits well on the album.
I really like it, I agree it sounds like an AOB song and love that. It's got a dark feel while also being upbeat, the verses are perfect and the chorus is catchy as hell. Adrian's solo may be a little basic but works well. I've seen some people saying they'd prefer another solo but I love the breakdown in the middle and the way it transitions to the chorus again. I also love the tempo change in the middle of the last chorus. Overall a great rocker and a good song.

However, I think I need more time to actually evaluate that song, because I really liked SOL and DOG when TBOS came out as well and they are kind of unremarkable for me now. I was 15 back then though, so now I think my opinion is a little more reliable :D
The clean bit before the last chorus feels so empty and shoehorned in, shame as it is a really great song otherwise

very solo bruce which i dig
Good first impression, I really like the chorus, but perhaps the mid part could've been developed a bit more. What is there I think is really good, but it feels like there could've been more before jumping back to the chorus.